Stores stock special sports memorabilia

Need some Ravens tire cap valves? HomeGamers has them. Have a hankering for a Ravens Bocce Ball set? The Sports Nut is the place to go. Do you prefer to drink out of Super Bowl wine glasses, mason jars or mugs? Head out to the nearest athletic supply store, and start stocking up.
Thursday is the start of a new season, and Ravens fans are preparing with black and purple everything.
Michael Jordan, of Manchester, stopped into HomeGamers in Westminster Sunday afternoon looking for an authentic stitched jersey.
While he's a Ravens fan, he said his relationship to the Ravens is complicated. As an original Baltimore Colts fan, Jordan began rooting for other NFL teams until the Ravens were formed.
"I didn't abandon the Colts. The Colts abandoned me," he said.
While Jordan regards the Dolphins as the team he has been rooting for at least a decade, the Ravens are his home team, he said. He has plaques, jerseys and Super Bowl gear, he said.
"I wish them many more Super Bowls," he said.
Apparel for the Super Bowl winners is still selling at athletic apparel shops that carry seemingly anything the NFL can attach a logo to.
Classic items like jerseys still are popular sellers. The now-retired Ray Lewis had the third- best selling NFL jersey last football season, according to a release from the NFL.
Baltimore Ravens apparel also had the second-best sales of the season, behind the San Francisco 49ers.
Matt Eitemiller, store manager at HomeGamers, said the store keeps Ravens gear out all year long, and sales have been up all year since the Super Bowl win.
The store doesn't have jerseys for new comers to the team like Elvis Dumervil; Eitemiller said he's had a lot of people asking for them.
Back by popular demand includes "Pittsburgh Sucks" toilet paper, and foam bricks called the "Bad Call Brick" to throw at the TV during games.
"We ran out last year before the holidays," Eitemiller said of the demand for the "Bad Call Brick."
While HomeGamers is mostly focused on sports teams in Maryland and D.C., The Sports Nut in Eldersburg incorporates other teams.
The Sports Nut has plenty of Ravens gear but also incorporates the occasional Steelers or Redskins piece of apparel. Andrea Freedman, owner of the Sports Nut, said she carries items from all 32 teams.
"Not everyone likes the Ravens," she said.
The Ravens section is by far the largest though. Freedman said she received a new shipment of Ravens Super Bowl jackets a few weeks ago, and they're already selling fast, she said.
Super Bowl mania lasted through the end of February, she said, and as football season begins again, she said it will pick up.
"We get a lot more [business] when football season really starts," she said.