Notable local and national Eagle Scouts

Notable Eagle Scouts who live or work in Carroll County

Marc Fisher: Sr. Vice President, Transwestern Corp.

Philip Leary: Owner, Shamrock Dental Lab

Henry Myer: Owner, West Winds Tennis Club

Daryn Cline: Dir. of Environmental Technologies, EVAPCO

Al Barns: Sr. Engineer, General Dynamics

Maxie Baughan: Football Legend

Dean Camlin: President, Dean Camlin and Associates

Matt Candland: Sykesville Town Manager

Dennis Pitta: Professional Football Player

Mark Hoffman: Dir. of Finance, Maryland Dept. of Natural Resources

Russ Keiser: Owner, Intergral Components

Tom Myers: Sr. VP, Regal Banking

Mark Ripper: Chief Information Officer, Carroll County Government

Gary Ripper: Owner, Bear Mt. Performance

Mark Roling: Pilot, Southwest Airlines

Jeff Van Sant: Operations Manager, Van Sant Inc.

Jeff Zemencik: Executive Director, Chesapeake Urology

Dan Nerenberg: President, Westminster LDS Church

Ted Zaleski: Director, county's department of management and budget

Source: Jeffrey Griffin, association development director for Boy Scouts of America's Baltimore Area Council

Nationally-known men who are Eagle Scouts

Neil Armstrong: First man on the moon

Willie Banks: Olympic athlete, former world-record holder in triple jump and long jump

Michael Bloomberg: Mayor of New York City

Guion "Guy" S. Bluford Jr.: Retired U.S. Air Force officer and space shuttle astronaut; first African American in space

Bill Bradley: Former professional basketball player, U.S. senator, and presidential candidate

Stephen Breyer: Associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court

Mike Crapo: U.S. senator from Idaho

William C. DeVries, M.D.: Surgeon and educator; transplanted the first artificial heart

Michael Dukakis: Former governor of Massachusetts and presidential candidate

Mike Enzi: U.S. senator from Wyoming

Thomas Foley: Former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and ambassador to Japan

Gerald R. Ford*: 38th president of the United States

Steve Fossett*: World-record holder; first to circumnavigate Earth solo in a balloon and an airplane

Chan Gailey: College and professional football coach

John Garamendi: Lieutenant governor of California

Bill Gates Sr.: CEO of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; father of Bill Gates

Robert Gates: U.S. secretary of defense and former director of the Central Intelligence Agency

Michael Kahn: Academy Award-winning film editor

James A. Lovell Jr.: Former U.S. Navy officer and Apollo 13 commander

Gary Locke: Former governor of Washington; first Chinese American governor in the United States

Richard G. Lugar: U.S. senator from Indiana

J. Willard Marriott Jr.: Chairman and CEO of Marriott International

George Meyer: Writer and producer of "The Simpsons"

Ben Nelson: U.S. senator from Nebraska

H. Ross Perot: Founder of EDS and Perot Systems; former presidential candidate

Rick Perry: Governor of Texas

Beasley Reece: Former NFL player and sportscaster

Mike Rowe: Host of "Dirty Jobs" television program

Donald Rumsfeld: Former U. S. secretary of defense

Jefferson Sessions: U.S. senator from Alabama

William S. Sessions: Former federal judge and director of the FBI

John Tesh: Recording artist and performer

Togo West: Former U.S. secretary of veterans affairs and secretary of the Army


Source: National Eagle Scout Association