For the past 28 years I have served Carroll County in the Maryland House of Delegates. In that position I have been attentive to constituent concerns while articulating the conservative views of my district.

The voters of my district expressed their approval of my representation by awarding me 71 percent of the vote in the last election.

I recognize that some of my opponents in this election have advocated for term limits, and based on that standard I should step down. Certainly, I understand if an elected official is not doing the job that person should be term limited in the next election. However, I offer a conservative record of accomplishment and commitment to service.

Unlike a new candidate with many promises if elected, voters can examine my previous voting record and know with certainty I am voting their closely held political values.

This is my record and my pledge to you: continue to work to improve the business climate, recognizing that job creation evolves from strong business activity; continue to maintain the viability of the family farm, other agriculture and agribusiness; continue to advocate for Carroll County education, recognizing that our county schools have been hit hard by the poor economy; continue to work to decrease taxes, which have had a detrimental impact on persons on fixed income and working class Marylanders; continue to support the Second Amendment and a citizen's right to bear arms; continue to support the pro-life position, including the advocacy for use of adult stem cells for the cure and improvement of many medical conditions; continue to support protection of property rights of people from unreasonable government takings. (Eminent domain.)

Your vote for me in the Republican Primary on June 24 will assure your conservative voice in Annapolis will not be silenced.

Don Elliott

New Windsor

The writer is a candidate for state Delegate representing District 5.