Legend has it that he wanted to come to this area, years ago.

At 7:30 p.m. May 15, he'll finally make it.

Edgar Allan Poe - a.k.a. real-life actor Scott Craig Jones - will present a one- man show of Poe's life and masterworks at the Emory Grove Hotel, under purview of Historic Glyndon, Inc.

His long ago - and thwarted - desire has basis in Franklin High School lore.

Sometime during the 1830s, so the story goes, Poe applied to the Board of Trustees for a principal position at Franklin Academy.

Poe's reputation as an author had yet to develop. His reputation as a moody, irascible, drunk, however, preceded him.

He had, in fact, been thrown out while a student at the University of Virginia.

Listen in on imagined meeting of the Board of Trustees:

Board Chairman: "This application from Poe...who is he; what are his qualifications?"

Board Member: "He studied, briefly, at the University of Virginia."

"But I've heard more about his personal reputation - quite a carouser and drinker."

"Humph. Do we agree that he indeed, is unfit to teach our children?"

And so, his application was turned down. Word of mouth has perpetuated the story. If ever there was documentation, it has, over time, been lost.

The 1830s time period, however, does correspond to Poe's Baltimore residency with an aunt. There he met and married his cousin, whose death from tuberculosis, followed a tumultuous marriage.

As Poe's literary output and his self-destructive life continued until his death on the streets of Baltimore, he also became a literary great. He is credited as the originator of the mystery story.

Tip your hat, Mary Higgins Clark.

The performance will be free to HGI members and their children. A donation of $10 for non-members will gain admission as well as HGI membership. Students, under 18, will be admitted for $5.

Ann O'Neill, at 410-526-5147 has further information.