Lifecycle Simcha Celebrations

A very happy and a few belated birthday greetings to family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and community also a sprinkling of kids and seniors-recycled teenagers:

Dr. Larry Becker, Dr. Ira Fedder, Dr. David Roth, Dr. Stacy Fisher, Dr. Nancy Norton, Annette Cooper, Ellen Sue Jeffers Levinson, Ellen Meltzer, Sally Palmbaum, Fred Frank, Henry Kornblatt, Adam Eisner, Annabelle Sher, Carol Summerfield, Norleen Gensler, Linda Katz, Barry Darymple, Al Mendelsohn, Bernie Trieber, Lisa Budlow, Lorna Kane, Bernice Seiden, Mark Seaman, Michael Stein.

Carol Caplan, Stella Gold, Lynda Wilner, Rob Snyder, Jeffrey Pritzker, David Weksberg, Hinda Esterson, Carol Milner, Jay Brown, Marc Cassel, Al Feigelson, Vivian Portney, Renee Zimrin, Larry Millstone, Rob Nusbaum, Suzanne Hurwitz, Maxine Bukowitz, Sheryl Newman, Jack Khristan, Al Pashkowitz, Steve Mednick, Marv Cohen, David Ring.

Happy kids birthdays to Hannah Fine and Izzy Shuman.

Happy, happy birthday to each and everyone including those not listed celebrating birthdays this week/month.

Hope you all enjoyed oodles of ice cream, cake and goodies. Especially the goodies!


Congrats to Raquela Sussman and David Castine.



Welcome to this trio of adorable, precious, new bundles of joy:

A daughter, Eyse Mahaley Green, to Alison Hirsh and Jon Green; a son, James Bruce, to Jon and Dr. Lauren Blair; and a daughter, Lincoln Maxwell, to Michele and Tim Shirah.

Mazel Tov to everyone! Enjoy with oodles of hugs and kisses!


A fab gorgeous (diamond plus, plus, plus) 65th anniversary Elizabeth and Irwin Epstein.

We all wish Liz and Irwin, many, many more wonderful anniversary celebrations with good health and happiness.

A great 54th anniversary Evelyn and Larry Kamenetz. An equally great 53rd anniversary Marlyn and Dr. Boris Omansky. And a great 52nd anniversary Lois and Alan Elkin. Celebrating their golden big (5-0) half century anniversary Nancy and William Rubin.

A fab 46th anniversary Marlene and Mark Nusinov. An attractive (sapphire) 45th anniversary Enid and Jay Brecker. A very happy 41st anniversary Wendy and Bob Davis.

A great 37th anniversary Pat and Jim Botelle. A pretty (coral) 35th anniversary Judy and Michael Baylin. An enjoyable 34th anniversary Alice and Jim Trosch.

A very happy 28th anniversary Jackie and Frank Segall. Celebrating their (silver) 25th quarter century anniversary Cindy and Jeffrey Saval, Pam Marks and Dr. Michael Mininisohn.

A wonderful 22nd anniversary Rabbis Debra Pine and Andrew Bush. An enjoyable 20th anniversary Diane and Alan Gary, Sabrina and Howard Friedman.

A beautiful (crystal) 15th anniversary Eric and Diane Goldman. A very happy 11th anniversary Cindy and Howard Cummins. Also a very happy 8th anniversary Tina and Bobby Zirkin.

Happy anniversary also Kim and Brian Davidson, Suzanne and David Rosenthal.

Happy anniversary to all of the above and to those celebrating anniversaries not listed.

May you all enjoy many, many more wonderful anniversary simchas and a lifetime of wedded bliss.


Other Simchas

Shannon and Taylor Stern, tween/teen, young adult and under-30 social columnists:

Your choice of awesome cool/hot happy double-digit birthday cha, cha, chas: Amy Lederman.

Special Bat Mitzvah congrats to Talia Juanteguy, Sara Freedman, Abi Doff, Jessica Goodman, Galya Seidel, Eleanor Efron, Hailey Gendason.

Mazel Tov to Bar Mitzvah boys Blake Shepherd, Zakkai Smith, Zachary Sirody

B'nai Mitzvah double Mazel Tov to Danielle and Jeremy, teenagers of Sue and Michael Stein.

Happy young adult birthdays to Gabriella Mednick, Alexandra Lipman, Gabriella Mednick, Kayla Zimmerman and Justin Welfeld.

Happy 20 something and under/30 birthdays to Brooke Goren, Katarina Verderami, Andy Campf and Eric Friedman.

Happy birthday to all the double-digit, young adult and under-30 birthday celebrants not listed.

Happy birthday everyone!

Holiday and Shabbat News

Monday, April 28th is Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Shabbat candle-lighting time this week is Friday evening April 25 at 7:33 p.m.

Have and enjoy a terrific week everyone!

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