Richard Rothschild: Carroll's conservative voice

Four years ago, you replaced your entire Board of Commissioners. Why?

Because they failed to govern according to conservative principles, and made bad financial decisions.

First, along with the Board of Education, they built a $70 million school that was too large, too extravagant, and too expensive. It sits 45% vacant with an annual operating cost of $10M. Despite fewer students, BoE spending is spiraling toward a 15-20% increase in property taxes for every Carroll homeowner.

That's why you elected me... to reign-in popular but unwise decisions.

Enrollment continues to decline, and the BoE has failed to reduce their infrastructure costs. Instead, it sends AlertNow email messages with misleading budget "facts" to parents. Data is omitted that shows increased funding per student; increased pension funding; declining enrollment; and excess infrastructure. A recent email led parents to believe school funding had been slashed $24 million over six years, when in reality funding increased $22 million during that period.

The use of O'Malley math to manipulate public perception is unacceptable.

Hopefully, voters have had enough fear mongering from the BoE and are ready for a full and honest discussion about unsustainable spending.

Second, the prior Commissioners agreed to pay $240 Million for an incinerator that made no sense for us. As of March, staff was finalizing terms to exit this project. Expenses will be a fraction of the $3M that one commissioner irresponsibly demanded we fork-over. Thankfully, sound business judgment by Commissioners Frazier, Roush and myself prevailed.

Third, the prior Board wanted a new police force with a politically appointed superintendent. Instead, I was honored to write transition agreements that protected your voice, by making your constitutionally elected Sheriff, accountable to voters, the primary law enforcement officer in Carroll.

Meanwhile, Annapolis attacked our farms and businesses with PlanMaryland. Commissioner Frazier and I assembled a team of world-class experts who exposed the false claims of the state, and energized conservatives across Maryland. Senator Pipkin remarked, "This was one of the best events" he had ever attended.

Next, O'Malley passed his gun bill that infringes on your Second Amendment Rights, and I refused to become his henchman. Commissioner Frazier, Sheriff Tregoning, State's Attorney Jerry Barnes and I drafted a Resolution to defend you. It prohibits the use of county resources to enforce O'Malley's gun laws, and declared Carroll to be a Second Amendment Sanctuary County. Cecil and Harford counties passed similar resolutions based on my proposals.

Then came the outrageous Rain Tax. I commend every official that supported "the resistance." But, first and foremost, it takes leaders with conviction, like Frazier and I, to stand their ground by simply saying, "No."

Let's be clear. O'Malley, didn't appoint me, and I refuse to be his henchman. I was elected by you. My authority is delegated to me from you. My Oath of Office requires I stand firm against governmental actions that infringe on your rights. That is why I've steadfastly telegraphed a readiness to take legal action if necessary to defend you from a Rain Tax that clearly infringes on your property rights, not to mention your sensibilities.

Meanwhile, you ask, "So why the drumbeat of liberal media attacks against Commissioner Frazier and me?"

Well, the media hates conservatives that refuse to abandon conservative principles of lower taxes, less government, education freedom, private sector prosperity, and gun rights. Baseless attacks will continue during this election season.

Of course, liberal media loves weak officials that place populism over principle, because a lack of conviction renders them easily manipulated.

Smaller, constitutional government triumphs when high-information Republicans stick to their guns. No pun intended.

Luckily, your choices are cut and dried in the upcoming election.

My opponent is endorsed by unions and democrats.

My endorsements include respected Maryland conservatives: The Institute on the Constitution, Dan Bongino, Charles Lollar, Ken Timmerman, and Senator Pipkin.

Ellen Sauerbrey said, "Commissioner Rothschild understands what made America great and fights tirelessly to preserve the fundamental principles of limited government and personal freedom. He has demonstrated great courage under fire."

Visit http://www.RichardRothschild.org and see for yourself why so many conservatives say, "Vote Rothschild." Or, visit Commissioner Richard Rothschild on facebook.

Thank you, and God Bless Carroll County.

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