NHL Playoffs: Shameful, shameful reactions

Ugliness comes out after Washington Capitals game 7 victory over Boston Bruins

Washington Capitals hero Joel Ward ended the closest seven-game series in NHL playoffs history Wednesday night when he scored just three minutes into overtime.


In pushing the Mike Knuble rebound past Boston Bruins all-star goaltender Tim Thomas, Ward ended the hard-fought battle between the Capitals and Bruins, while instantly sparking another fight off the ice.

Nevermind that Ward just scored an incredible Game 7 overtime winning-goal, a feat rivaled by few in the world of sports. Nevermind that the goal marked an historic victory for the Washington Capitals franchise. Nevermind that the goal ended years of agony for a grieving fan-base in D.C. and nevermind that the goal ended one of the better-played playoff series in sports in recent memory; not just in hockey.

Joel Ward is black.

Unless you're a dedicated hockey fan, you were probably unfamiliar with Ward before Wednesday night. But with one career-making goal, the Toronto native became a trending topic online - and not so much for his goal.

I saw this

on sports website Thursday.

This was almost so disgusting I didn't want to link it. But, sadly, this is the reality for some.

These fans really have that strong of feelings after a sporting event? And their first reaction was to see how racist they could be online? Get real. Or actually, get a life.

I'm not sure when social media gave users the right to try to resurrect public racism - and make no mistake about it, there is nothing more public than social media - but that type of noise has no place anywhere.

It's clear that something needs to change within these social media platforms when things like this are allowed to happen.


Showing the character of a real man opposed to a twitter disser.

This is how those tweets should've read:

Congratulations to Joel Ward on his amazing accomplishment. Gear up for round 2! #letsgocaps