Here it is: "Another year over and a new one just begun" - the lyrics of a John Lennon song.

It's time for New Year's resolutions. Every year, we organize our objectives as we do our closets because there's something cleansing about starting anew and aiming for fresh goals. But too often, I've fallen short.

I didn't take that course to improve my mind; I never saved enough money to buy that special something; I didn't lose those ten pounds and I never made the trip out west to visit a friend.

As a result, I've stopped making New Year's resolutions. Instead, I decided this year to make a to do list. Without the guilt of broken resolves, my simple list of 10 is a reminder of the little things I can strive to achieve - in many cases, on a daily basis.

1. Don't sweat the small stuff. It dehydrates the brain.

2. When the going gets rough, try to be tough. Worry and whining can fry the brain.

3. Be a good listener. I may learn a thing or two, such as when to stop talking.

4. Take time to smell the roses; nature's perfume can be more intoxicating than Chanel.

5. Remember to thank a teacher, police officer, garbage man, newspaper carrier, fireman, veteran, soldier and all the others who make our community a good place in which to live. Gratefulness is humbling.

6. Tell my family that I love them on a regular basis. And even though actions speak louder than words, I can pass through this life without regret of never having told them enough that I loved them.

7. Do something good for someone who needs it. It's not all about me.

8. Hug a child. It's better than an anti-depressant.

9. Get involved in my community. It takes a village to create a vital neighborhood, city, town, state and country.

10. Start each day with the anticipation of opening a present, because it is.

As simple as my list is, I know it will be hard at times to follow because old habits are hard to break.

Everyone knows, for instance, how frustrating the small annoyances in life can be, such as a driver hugging your rear bumper. And how do you turn off worry when you truly have something to worry about? I'll need to work on that one.

In the meantime, I'll post my list on the fridge in the midst of all the family photos and magnets. I think I'll start from the bottom of the list: No. 10.

I wish you a happy, healthy new year. May you meet all your resolutions and by this time next year - if you have not - I refer you to No. 1 at the top of my list.