It seems that food police in one school in North Carolina is deciding whether lunches sent by parents for their children meet Big Brother's guidelines.

In the incident, the parents were billed for a chicken nuggets cafeteria lunch. What was the crime? They sent their child to school with an unhealthy lunch containing a turkey and cheese sandwich, a banana, apple juice and potato chips.

In many schools they have removed the soda machines. In New York City, they limited the use of trans fats in restaurants and are attempting to legislate the usage of salt by restaurants.

The government apparently feels the need to tell us what we should eat so it can make us healthier and, in turn, save on health-care costs. This is why I don't want the government in charge of my health-care plan. This isn't the Soviet Union, yet.

It's none of their business what I eat, but that's a topic for another day. My question is this: how come they haven't taken the simple steps to ensure that food stamps and welfare benefits are used for a healthier lifestyle? After all, taxpayers are providing the money, not the government. Taxpayers and the rest of society are also covering the recipient's health-care costs. I know this isn't politically correct, but since I function on logic and reason and not emotions, I would like someone to provide a reasonable answer to that question.

The problem is that there is no reasonable answer. Also, take note that this administration is always telling us to contribute our fair share to society, yet never addresses the part of society that isn't giving any share. Why is that I wonder?

Here are some other things that make me go hmmmm. Remember after the first bailout of AIG when their executives were given exorbitant bonuses? ACORN was protesting, SEIU was protesting and the Democratic party was foaming at the mouth to condemn the bonuses. The bonuses they announced totaled $165 million.

The bailout wasn't a bailout, but was instead a loan. At the time AIG had been provided an $85 billion line of credit. The bonuses were .12 percent of the total line of credit.

Strange that there was no mention of AIG sending $12 billion in U.S. taxpayer-backed loans to Societe Generale in France, $12 billion to Deutsche Bank in Germany, $8.5 billion to Barclays in Britain, and $5 billion to UBS in Switzerland. Instead, we focused on .12 percent that was going to be paid to U.S. citizens for working. A few of those workers signed on to try and save AIG at the annual salary of $1. The bonus was their main compensation. By the way, AIG has paid back most of the money owed. The last time I heard, they still owe us $8.5 billion.

And now I discovered this past week that Solyndra is giving their employees $370,000 in bonuses. Solyndra, the company that I wrote about in April 2011 and said was a waste of $535 million in taxpayer-backed loans, went bankrupt in September 2011. In case you missed it, they went bankrupt. In other words, we're not getting our money back and they are paying bonuses. In January their employees were seen destroying materials used in producing solar panels. Solyndra paid $2 million for the glass they destroyed.

And the national media is talking about Catholic hospitals not providing birth control? Incredible.