Lifecycle Simcha Celebrations

A very happy and a few belated birthday greetings to family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and community also a sprinkling of kids and seniors (recycled teenagers):

Dr. Boris Omansky, Dr. Barry Blum, Dr. Dan Satisky, our Hollywood guy Barry Levinson. Also Neil Meltzer, Stephen Miles, Ron Shapiro, Willard Hackerman, Buzz Berg, Dr. Sandra Quartner, Barb Bakalis, Eve Messing, Nora Gensler, Betsy Peisach, Steve Gorn, Mark Schapiro, Mitch Peremel, Jeffrey Waranch, Laura Black, Shirley Snyder, Mindi Leikin, Sylvia Sklar, Ellen Gottfried, Marj Davis, Libby Fields, Shirley Sussman, Jerry Krome, Steve Lemler, Erich Oppenheim, Joe Askin, Charles Krengel, Jackie Wilen, Dora Waranch, Nancy Rogers, Deb Wilkins, Shirley Manekin, Stephanie Geller, Rita Walpert, Julie Siegel, Frank Settleman, Michael Dorris, Howard Fink, Andy Baida, Fred Schutzman, Minnie Greenberg, Ellen Wasserman, Nancy Goldberg, Peggy Sandler, Heidi Deitchman, Esta Rogosin, Lew Berkowitz, Ruby Rosner, Mike Weisfeldt, Abe Miller, Ben Dubin, Marty Buckman, Sam Ruddie, Babs Gutman.

Happy kids birthday Olivia Ferraro

Happy, happy birthday to each and every-one and those celebrating birthdays not listed! Hope you all enjoyed oodles of ice cream, cake and goodies! Especially the goodies!

Engagement congrats: Stephanie Solof to Jared Albert

Halie Heyman to Jonathan Amoroso

Marriage: Best wishes for wedded bliss:

Cate (Dwyer) and Adam Brinch

Newborns: Welcome to the following adorable, precious new bundles of joy:

A daughter, Grace Harmon-Darrow, to Caroline Harman and Aimee Darrow

A son, Dexter Harlow, to Elyse Nusbaum and Joshua Buchbinder

A daughter, Jordan Brooke, to Samara and Justin Sisserman

Mazel Tov to all! Enjoy with oodles of hugs and kisses!

Anniversary congrats: A gorgeous (diamond) 60th anniversary Phyllis and Fredd Furman, Anita and Kenny Baum.

WOW! 60 years! Fantabulous!

We all wish Phyllis and Fredd, Anita and Kenny, many, many more wonderful anniversary celebrations with good health and happiness! Yes!

A great 56th anniversary Natalie and Dr. Bill Feinblum, Iris and Warren Keyser. A fab 53rd anniversary Roz and Len Stoler. An equally fab 52nd anniversary Joan and Arnold Gresser.

A lovely - ruby - 40th anniversary Sue and Jack Schatoff, Nanci and Frank Reinhart.

An enjoyable 32nd anniversary Lauren and Jordan Loran. An attractive - pearl - 30th anniversary Debbie and Dave Frosch.

An equally very enjoyable 29th anniversary Linda and Andy Benjamin. A very happy 26th anniversary Deb and Walt Jacobs.

A wonderful 16th anniversary Dr's Wendy Post and Roger Blumenthal. A very happy 10th anniversary Debi and Marc Van Comp. An equally very happy 5th anniversary Erin and Adam Turk

Happy anniversary also Barb and David Kornblatt.

Happy anniversary to all of the above and to those celebrating anniversaries not listed! May you all enjoy many, many more wonderful anniversary simchas! L'Chaim!

Shannon and Taylor Stern, tween/teen, young adult and under-30 social columnists

Happy young adult birthdays Blake Peremel, Gil Kutler and Dean Udell

Happy 20-something and under-30 birthdays Rebecca Snyder, Linda Quartner, Tim Miller.

Reminder: Monday, April 15th is tax payment deadline day, unless you file for an extension.

Memo: Shabbat candle lighting time, Friday evening, April 12 is 7:22 p.m.

Have and enjoy a terrific week everyone! Yes, everyone!

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