Carroll County Times

Letter: Society's speedy slide into oblivion

I'm writing to express my anger and hostility at the Maryland legislature for approving SB212, the so-called "Bathroom Bill."

Once again, in the name of two of the most overused words in the left wing lexicon, "tolerance" and "fairness," our betters in Annapolis have chosen to persecute normal people by forcing us to put up with the demented, twisted and utterly depraved behavior of transvestites and transsexuals in our bathrooms. In another time not too long ago, readers could be forgiven for thinking that I'm making this up. Sadly, I'm not.

So, right on the heels of 2012's homosexual marriage fiasco, the rain tax, tuition to the children of illegal aliens, redistricting, gun bans and myriad increases in taxes and fees brought to you by Martin O'Malley, Michael Busch and Sen. Thomas V. "Mike" Miller we now have to put up with this absurd behavior in public bathrooms in order to accommodate a micro-minority interest group that did not exist 20 years ago.

Democrats in Annapolis must have gotten bored just raising our taxes 30 times. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse than last year's session, our benevolent elected officials have heroically made it possible for a cross-dressing man to go into a ladies' public restroom to relieve himself, and get a good peek at the same time.

I can now report the liberals have reached the summit of Everest in creating a truly inclusive society. That's one where sick, disgusting and thoroughly confused individuals are allowed to do whatever they want, whenever they want to do it, and the rest of us are forced to watch. Imagine explaining to your small son or daughter what that funny-looking man is doing in the bathroom. Now, imagine having to explain to them that what they just saw is OK.

This is what cultural rot looks like. Liberals are fanatically brainwashing us to tolerate everything which should be abhorrent to us, and to let the filth engulf us without resistance. Right and wrong are now the same. If we as a society cannot forbid, let alone restrain, this type of deviant behavior anywhere or any time, then we are truly a benighted and lost people.

Our once-magically inclusive society, created by ultra-liberals in Annapolis, deserves its speedy slide into oblivion.

Mitchell McCloskey