VFW Holds Christmas Party for Hospitalized Vets

Members of Girl Scout Troop 2339 from Owings Mills sing Christmas Carols to the Veterans.
Members of Girl Scout Troop 2339 from Owings Mills sing Christmas Carols to the Veterans. (Submitted Photo, Carroll County Times)

Lt. Peter G. Zouck, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 521:

This post certainly knows how to party, show appreciation and have fun!


December is a joyous holiday month for everyone. As in past years, Post 521 invited VA hospital veterans to an enjoyable Christmas party, that included a tasty dinner, prepared/catered by Post 521 committee members.

Vets from Baltimore VA Hospitals and elsewhere, including Baltimore VA Hospital, Loch Raven Rehab Center, Perry Point Hospital and Spring House Assistant Living, were the very special guests of honor!


The vets were transported by three VA buses provided by Perry Point Veterans Hospital. Many veterans have disabilities including mental and physical disabilities, but all have served our country with dignity, honor and pride.

VFW Post 521 every year, weather permitting, invites the above listed vets to this fun holiday party with tasty food, camaraderie, music and entertainment. Many have no family with whom to celebrate the Christmas/Chanukah holiday, and, they all are most appreciative!

One veteran impressed this columnist; John Calvin William brought two precious old tattered sacred bibles with him, reading specific verses from both bibles before, during and after dinner. He did not join with the festivities until after he completed reading specific verses from his cherished personal tattered bibles. This columnist adds "may God bless each and everyone!"

Post 521 has an impressive military themed banquet room that was filled with holiday spirit.

An added bonus this year was the participation of the young and delightful Girl Scout Junior and Cadettes, Troop 2339 of Owings Mills. They were very helpful and a tremendous asset in serving the guests dinner, dessert as well as making sure everyone had enough to quench their thirst. The Scouts were a gargantuan help to the committee that set up, prepared and planned this special party.

Note: Tracey Thompson, Troop Leader and Mary Adams, co-leader, are their very efficient advisers!

The Girl Scouts sang lovely traditional holiday songs and danced to music that included the popular "Electric Slide," during the upbeat fab music program by disc jockey, Rock 'N' Roy!

The vets enjoyed this youthful entertainment! So did all the Post committee members!

The Juniors and Cadettes, members of the Owings Mills Troop, included Aliyah Thompson, Lauren McEachin, Kara Butler, Larissa Williams, Caitlin Brown, Janell Belcher, Jenna Resnik, Kiya Tillman, Janelle Clark, Shayna White, Sydney Gifford, Symone and Christal Walker. Hope no names were not listed! If so, my apologies! A few young boys assisting this evening included Jabari Thompson and Clifton McEachn.

These cheerful upbeat youngsters were all immensely helpful and appreciated!

Bill Miller, commander Post 521, and Bill DePuey, hospital chairman, did a great job coordinating this very meaningful disabled veterans holiday party!

Their very dedicated and involved committee members included Pat DePuey, Nancy and Ed Matheson, a past post commander and very involved with all activities of this post; Barbara Floyd, senior vice commander, Ray Barker, Jr., Vice Commander, Terry and Tom Conrad, also a past commander, Evelyn Gaines, Donna Hoover, Beverly Kaufman, Barb Hammond, Donna Markus, Doreen Barker and Dick Udoff, a past commander of this post multiple times.


All of the above were extremely helpful, caring, sharing, chatting, socializing and making the invited guests feel welcome and comfortable. This was an enjoyable and wonderful evening of camaraderie for everyone!

As an added bonus, Ladies Auxiliary member Donna Markus' granddaughter Lexy Strine joined her third grade class, taught by Mrs. Richmond at Sacred Heart School, in creatively designing holiday cards that were distributed to all the invited guests.

The vets were impressed and appreciative!

Note: Mrs. Johnsons fourth and fifth grade classes at Sacred Heart School also made 200 greeting cards that were sent overseas during the holiday season. This was very thoughtful to remember our vets abroad, and I am sure they appreciated this holiday mail!

Thank you to above listed teachers and their students plus Donna Markus and her adorable granddaughter Lexy for sharing these holiday cards this evening!

Thank you also Owings Mills Girls Scout Troop 2339, a kind, thoughtful, helpful group of courteous young girls and their above listed leaders!

Plus, thank you above listed members Post 521, and Linda Battaglia, photog for this special event.

Appreciation to Bill DePuey, chair of the hospital committee that regularly visits veterans at above listed hospitals during the year. Committee members, in addition to Bill DePuey, include Commander Bill Miller, Barbara Floyd, senior vice commander, Ray Barker, Jr., vice commander, Evelyn Gaines, Gary McHenry, and Ben Kaufman.

Also attending this very special veterans holiday party were Linda Tucker, District 7 commander with her sister Evelyn Gaines, plus Dick Udoff, member of Post 521 and District 7 Commander several years ago. District commandership is a very significant prestigious title among veterans!

Post 521 Members Christmas Party

Post 521, a five service post includes Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard and is open to all past and current veterans celebrated Christmas with a fun Christmas party for its members.

Thank you to the helpful "Kitchen Krew" working with the leadership of Commander Bill Miller. His "krew" included Ray Barker, Eddie Matheson, Patti Miller Bond, Bruce Bond and Ben Kaufman.

The morning of this party was blistery, freezing cold with 50 mph wind gusts. Post members Dick Udoff, Eddie Matheson, Tom Conrad and Bill DePuey stood outside Sam's Club in Owings Mills in this frigid weather selling "Buddy Poppies," raising a few dollars to benefit disabled veterans and their families. Commander Miller participated with this fundraising a different day.

Note, Buddy Poppies grow in the Field of Flanders, where many World War I veterans are buried. Another note: all proceeds from activities benefit veterans in need and their families.

Now that Christmas 2012 is history, if you have any unwanted/unused clothing, Post 521 is collecting clothing for needy veterans and their families. Members of this Post also puts efforts forth to keep unfortunate homeless vets warm!

During the holidays, this columnist was aware of a veteran who was in jeopardy of foreclosure on his home and had no money for Christmas gifts for his family. Naturally, Post 521 came to the rescue and gave this veteran some needed dollars to save his home as well as a few dollars for family Christmas gifts.

If you would like to contribute/donate needed dollars to benefit veterans in need, you can mail your check to Post 521, with notation, "For Needy Veterans," to VFW, 214 Tollgate Road, Owings Mills, MD 21117.

If you would like to donate any unused clothing you are no longer wearing to help needy veterans, call the Post at 410-356-6578 and someone, can inform you when/where you can drop your usable clothing off.

This columnist, Post 521 members and the needy veterans and their families extend a gargantuan "thank you" in advance, for whatever you can donate. Thank you for caring and sharing!

Veterans, serving with pride and honor, protected our country for many years. Many lost their lives; now, some needy vets need us!

For more info, call Commander Bill Miller at 410-356-6578. If he is not available, please leave a message. Again, thank you!

Hospitalized vets need things like shampoo, body wash, deodorant, razors, shaving cream, toothpaste, brushes, notepaper and pens. If you have any of the above available and would like to contribute, anything is appreciated!

Thanking you in advance for any consideration of any contribution!

Note: Holocaust survivor, the informative and interesting Deli Strummer is available to speak to your club, organization, school, college/university classes, veterans organizations, brotherhoods, sisterhoods, family circles, senior centers regarding this horrific time in history.

Many above hospitalized, needy and homeless veterans are survivors World War II.

For more info/speaking arrangements, call Deli at 410-296-7121, or visit her website at http://www.delistrum


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