What to do during a delay?

What did you do during the two hour tornado delay during the Ravens game?
It wasn't, of course, an actual twister ripping through Soldier Field, Chicago, shortly after the start of the Ravens-Bears game.
It was, however, enough of an area threat that some 60,000 fans were told to "calmly" go to the concourse.
Torrential rain followed.
Tornadoes, by the way, are rare in Chicago in November.
No question that it was the first tornado threat just after the Ravens went up 10-zip in the first quarter.
A near two hour delay was declared - TV weather maps showed the tornado weather pattern slithering close to Chicago.
So how did the game gang gathered at your home pass the time?
The first answer, I'm sure, would be:
They ate.
Digging back into the casserole, dips, chips, pretzels, cookies, popsicles etc. that were lunchtime fare, they pretty much cleaned the bowls.
So then, what to do?
One looked up tornado on his iPod.
One took a nap.
One went home to toss in a load of laundry and return.
One completed a crossword puzzle.
One switched to the Redskins who were losing to Philadelphia.
One went outdoors and played with the dog.
One worked on homework.
One whipped up a batch of Brownies.
One texted family members here, there and everywhere.
One read the Sunday newspaper, cover to cover.
One thought up an idea for a column - this one!
Picture this scene and similar others in the Ravens-fan area and their varied busy work during the long delay.
Almost time to check Chicago and see what's going on.
Still rainy.
Still windy.
We might be here all night!