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Coupon Corner: Coupons for theme parks signal start of summer

You can tell spring is near when you spot the first robin, but you know summer's close when you spot coupons good for significant discounts at amusement parks.

I spotted the first coupon at a Food Lion when I was visiting friends last weekend.

It's good for $14 off online or $7 at the park when you purchase a regular or child's (ages 3 to 9) ticket for Busch Gardens Williamsburg or Water Country USA.

The coupons are good for up to six discount admissions and are valid through July 14, 2014.

Brush cleaners

Sally Beauty has restocked a brush cleaner that's not only inexpensive ($1.99), but it really works.

There was no company name on the deep orange card backing and it simply said "Brush Cleaner."

I like the wide rows of stiff bristles on one end and the plastic tines on the other. They clean brushes quickly and easily without pulling off the protective tips of the brush's bristles.

SB has another brush cleaner that's metal and costs more than twice as much, but the tines are close together so it may be harder to use.



Lately, I've had a few problems scanning products with the Shopkick app.

I'll scan the correct product, such as extra whitening Sensodyne toothpaste, but the app says "Oops, wrong product."

After trying different sizes of the same product with the same results, I scanned the "Repair & Protect" version, and got the points, even though it was the wrong type.

That was odd, because there was also a scan for the "Repair & Protect" version, and yet both scans worked for this type.

I've also scanned products such as Milk Bones Brush Chews, In Style magazine and Pantene, and even though they were the correct items, the "Oops" message appeared.

Although very frustrating, each one finally scanned correctly and gave me the points, but only after about three or four tries.

I've had a few problems with walk-in Kicks, too, particularly at Macy's.

Sometimes the bubble appeared immediately, or a little while after reporting the problem, yet other times I didn't receive the walk-in Kicks at all.

Conversely, I have had the walk-in bubble appear outside the store or even in the parking lot at Walmart (Eldersburg) and Aerie (Towson).

Let's hope the problems are corrected soon so Shopkick users don't lose lots of Shopkick points.