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The Rev. Ellin M. Dize: 'St. Paul's Secret' deep, meaningful

I heard about psychologist Dr. Harry A. Olson, Ph.D. over 20 years ago while working at The Maryland Small Business Development Center as a business consultant. This time line was pre-Lancaster Bible College and way before I had any idea that I would become a pastor serving at United Methodist churches. Dr. Olson was the presenter at a business retreat and was so dynamic that I had to pick his brain afterward.

I have always thought of Harry, a resident of Baltimore County, as a celebrity, like Dr. Phil, Anthony Robbins, or "Zig" Ziglar; I have three of his books in my library. I loved "Power Strategies of Jesus Christ: Principles of Leadership From the Greatest Motivator of All Time" and "The 8 Keys To Becoming Wildly Successful and Happy" but Dr. Harry A. Olson's latest book, "St. Paul's Secret" is extremely meaningful and just fantastic.

Even though I'm familiar with St. Paul's books in the Bible, Dr. Olson brought to the surface an awakening for me. St. Paul never met Jesus, the Bible did not exist, and Paul was what you would call, in today's language, a self-starter. Yeah, yeah - I knew all that stuff, but the significance had not clicked in my brain. Sort of like reading the same thing in the Bible and one day you get an awakening, like Buddha got his awakening.

As I read further, I could envision "St. Paul's Secret" being selected for Bible study groups to be re-read throughout the years. This type of thing happened at Gaithersburg Unity Church for 20 years as they re-read "The Course in Miracles" with new drop-ins. The discussions are almost more powerful than "The Course." I imagine a similar thing happened with Dr. Olson's "St. Paul's Secret" as discussions bring out personal enlightenment. After each chapter, Harry inserted about five or more "Questions To Ponder Or Discuss" which makes it even easier for people's thoughts to unfold.

If you choose to read this privately, I know it will change your personal life, teaching you positive thinking and how to focus on your intent. A value I saw immediately, as a business consultant who can quickly read the bottom line (making a profit loom into perspective), was that any reader will receive more than $25,000 of free shrink information Dr. Olson includes readily from his vast psychology experience.

Dr. Olson inserts a section written by The Rev. Timothy Feaser that shares St. Paul's spiritual gifts listed in Romans to help define who you are and what your personality is like. I also enjoyed reading "in their own words" what some of Harry's friends wrote about how Jesus/God had worked positively in their personal lives.

What a book! Completing it was very satisfying, like I had accomplished something big. The absorption of all the thoughts, history and ideas made a difference within my inner psyche; my spirit filled up. See if the same thing happens to you: