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Ravens offensive Q&A with WR Jacoby Jones

OWINGS MILLS - The Baltimore Ravens host the New England Patriots Sunday night. To help preview the game, Times staff writer Matt Zenitz caught up with Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones. Jones looked back at the first two games, talked about what under the radar player he has been most impressed with through the early part of the season, what player he could see emerging as the year goes on and what will be the key for Baltimore's offense to have success against the Patriots' defense Sunday night.

QUESTION: From a team standpoint, whether it be offensive or defensive, what have you been most pleased with through the first two games?

JACOBY JONES: Team camaraderie. We pick one another up, build off each other. If one phase of the [team] is down, or in a slump, the other phase will pick it up.

Q: What about the biggest thing that needs to be improved upon going forward, once again whether it be offensive or defensive?

JJ: Eh, everyone just needs to be consistent. Consistency is a big key.

Q: Under the radar player, maybe one that doesn't draw a lot of attention, that's been most impressive to you through the first two games...

JJ: Honestly, I like [kicker Justin] Tucker. His first kick [Sunday] was a 50-something yarder with like no time left on the clock.

Q: You couldn't have done that?

JJ: [Laughing] Nah, I couldn't even kick a hole through a box.

Q: What about going forward, what player that maybe hasn't played a big role in the first two games could you see emerging as the year goes on?

JJ: Everybody's been balling, so it's hard to say, but I'll say [Wide receiver] Tandon [Doss].

Q: What do you like about Tandon?

JJ: His hands, man. Dude could catch a BB in the dark with his eyes closed.

Q: Last one, what's going to be the biggest key to putting points up against New England's defense Sunday night?

JJ: Our biggest key is just playing Ravens football - playing sound fundamentally, [executing] our X's and O's and being consistent. And once we're moving and got our foot on their throat, let's just keep choking the (expletive) out of them.