Lifecycle Celebrations

A very happy and a few belated birthday greetings to family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and community also a sprinkling of kids and seniors:

Shellye Gilden, Cassia Parsons, Steve Sachs, Ron Shapiro, Buzzy Hettleman, Dr. David Tossman, Dr. Ronnie Sweren, Dr. Jerry Oster Dr. Larry Snyder, Paul Gordon, Burton Levinson, Beverly Epstein, Bettye Snyder, Carole Luterman, Laurie Kovens, David Goldstein, Gary Seidel, Vivian Zipper, Sherry Sachs.

Also, Sondra Steinberg, Laurie Glassner, Marilyn Sherr, Joshua Civin, Ira Kirsch, Bernie Trieber, John Singer, Sue Dagurt, Annie Bereson, Gail Hubberman, Roger Garfink, Richard Blackwell, Jeffrey Dannes, Michelle Allen, Marilyn Savage, Tracey Robbins, Hillary Roll, Gerson Effron, Dave Bacharach, Harriet Legum, Nancy Rabin, Anne Adler, Alexandra Heird

Happy kids birthday: Madden SySantos

Happy, happy birthday to each and everyone including those not listed celebrating birthdays this week/month.

Hope you all enjoyed oodles of ice cream, cake and goodies.

Engagement congrats: Sarah Cornblath to Brian Weiner

Alana Schlifke to Andy Katzenberg

Marriage: Best wishes for wedded bliss:

Courtney (Douglas) and Brian Katzenberg

Newborns: Welcome to this trio of adorable, precious, new bundles of joy:

A daughter, Jillian Iris, to Mr. and Mrs. Matt Barr

A son, Levi Joseph, to Sarah Farbman and Robert Hook

A daughter, Leila Neal, to Kelly and Jeffrey Beninghove

Mazel Tov to everyone. Enjoy with oodles of hugs and kisses.

Anniversary congrats: A fab (platinum) 70th anniversary Olga and Buddy Foreman. A gorgeous (diamond plus, plus, plus plus) 66th anniversary Velma and Jack Cheslock. An equally gorgeous diamond plus, plus plus) 65th anniversary Sonia and Nat Sandler.

We all wish Olga and Buddy, Velma and Jack, Sonia and Nat many, many more wonderful anniversary celebrations with good health and happiness.

A pretty (emerald) 55th anniversary Ruth and Richard Shalek. A wonderful 51st anniversary Linda and John Haas. Celebrating their (golden) big 5-0 half century anniversary Gisela and Edwin Jules, Carol and Sheldon Glusman.

A great 46th anniversary Linda and Lewis Berkowitz. An attractive (sapphire) 45th anniversary Benita and Roy Finkelstein

A pretty (coral) 35th anniversary Sharon and Donn Weinberg.

A very happy (silver) 25th quarter century anniversary Linda and Rick Esterson. An equally very happy 20th anniversary Sue and Mel Oberfeld, Stefanie and Brian Penn.

A great 19th anniversary Jodi and Dan Dinkin. A lovely (chai) 18th anniversary Meryl and Gil Hutzler. A very happy 17th anniversary Elaine and Gary Susel. Equally very happy 11th anniversary Erica and Yar Orbach, 10th anniversary Melissa and Richard Puritz, 6th anniversary Danielle and Evan Cohen.

Happy anniversary also Marilyn and Sonny Spector, Laurie and Steve Simon.

Happy anniversary to all of the above and to those celebrating anniversaries not listed.

May you all enjoy many, many more wonderful anniversary simchas and a lifetime of wedded bliss. L'Chaim!

Shannon and Taylor Stern, tween/teen, young adult and under-30 social columnists:

Happy double-digit birthday: Tela Burman, Steve Sherman

Bat Mitzvah: Mazel Tov, Elizabeth Raitman, Maya Gincel

Bar Mitzvah: Mazel Tov, Harris Gartenhaus, Max Sparks, Menachem Price

B'nai Mitzvah: Mazel Tov, Sophia and Will Foohey, teenagers of Jamie and Brad Foohey

Happy young adult birthdays: Lyndsey Deitch, Jonathan Cohen, Ryan Jaworski

Happy 20-something and under-30 birthdays: Lauren Pellerito, Molly Lipton, Faith Greenberg, Becky Yatovitz, Ashley and Melanie Grebow, Noah Dubnow

Happy birthday to all the double digit, young adult, 20-something and under-30 birthday celebrants not listed.

Happy milestone birthday's everyone!

Reminder: Tuesday, April 1, is April Fools Day. Have fun with your family/friends/associates. Don't let anyone fool you.

Memo: Shabbat candle-lighting-time, Friday evening, March 28, is 7:06 p.m.

Have and enjoy a terrific week everyone.