Carroll County Times

Letter: Statement attributed to wrong author

In Bill Kennedy's May 12 column he was not completely accurate and was, in fact, misleading.

He stated that our founding father, John Adams, as president, wrote "The government of the U.S. of America is not, in any sense founded on the Christian religion." Kennedy used this phrase in an attempt to prop up his position on prayer and tolerance of same.

First of all, the author of that phrase was in fact Joel Barlow, an American diplomat and the wording was used in the treaty of Tripoli, later to be referred to as the Treaty of Peace.

Yes, the treaty was approved by the Senate and indeed signed by Adams. However, Adams made it clear that "the pact was between two sovereign states and not between two religious powers."

Let it also be noted that a second treaty (Treaty of Peace) superseded the first, and that it did not contain the phrase, "not in any sense founded on the Christian religion."

As with columnist Tom Zirpoli, Kennedy will be added to my list of columns not to read. Let it also be noted that opening prayer is part of our nation's fabric and that the use of the name Jesus Christ is not being intolerant (or too evangelical). Maybe I'm just being too narrow-minded in my views, as Kennedy would lead me to believe.

Frank Bubczyk