Letter: Equality is what is morally right

This is in response to Betty Wagner's March 2 letter, wherein many fallacies concerning homosexuals exist.

For example, she questions what is "fair" about teaching that homosexuality is natural when she believes it a choice. Science has shown physiological differences between homosexuals and heterosexuals -- differences that are impossible to choose. The Karolinska Institute, for instance, found that gay men and straight women have equally sized brain hemispheres, while straight men and lesbians have a larger right hemisphere. Government should stick to the facts.

Furthermore, she claims not to judge those who live with a same-sex partner, but goes on to declare homosexuality "not moral or healthy" for society. I am confused; is immoral and unhealthy not a judgment? Then, the perennial argument of "marriage is between a man and woman" pops up.

Truth is, marriage has changed definition throughout history. Marriage was different for different cultures. Marriages were and are polygamous, pedophilic, and incestuous, all conditions which no longer fall under the current U.S. definition of marriage, except incest: first cousin marriage is legal in 19 states, even more with certain stipulations. Marriages were for economic or power reasons, also, not love.

Moreover, she claims that this country "was founded on well-established principles of right and wrong under the guidance of God." This country was founded on principles of self-rule and freedom, especially freedom of religion. I do not have to believe in your God and you don't have to share my disbelief. Our Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson, coined the term separation of church and state, and admired Jesus as an ethical teacher, not the son of God. He declared the New Testament to be full of "so much ignorance, so much absurdity, [and] so much untruth."

Additionally, she states homosexual marriage will bring "unknown medical, physiological and social problems." The effects of homosexual marriage haven't brought such problems to countries such as Sweden, Spain, Belgium, and the Netherlands, and here in America, Iowa actually saw an economic boost after legalizing gay marriage, according to the Williams Institute at UCLA.

Children of gays have shown no difference in their lives than children of straights, according to Michael Lamb of Cambridge University.

What is "morally right" is not heterosexuality, it is not marriage for the sole purpose of procreation -- it is equality. What is "morally wrong" is discriminating against a group of people for no good reason.

Summer Bowling