OWINGS MILLS - Numbers-wise, Ed Reed didn't make much of an impact during his seven games with the Texans.
But Reed, now with the Jets and readying for his second game against the Ravens this season, still feels like he can be a playmaker from his free safety position.
To Reed, there are two primary reasons for his lack of lack of numbers with Houston.
For one, he feels like quarterbacks still mostly avoid throwing his way, even with him being 35 now.
And second, he doesn't feel like Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips did a good job of putting him or anyone else on Houston's defense in a position to make plays.
Reed was released by the Texans last week, days after saying Houston was "outplayed and outcoached" during a loss to the Cardinals, a game Phillips served as both coach and defensive coordinator for.
"That defense is not a good fit for a lot of people who are still down there," Reed said during a conference call with Baltimore media Wednesday. "It wasn't just about me. And that's what my comments were. My comments were not just about me. Obviously [the comments] are why I'm not there anymore because some people felt some type of way about what I said.
"But the truth is the truth, and that's why what happened last week happened. They know I know. So people might feel a certain way, like Ed did this or Ed didn't do things on the football field, but you've got to look at the play calling.
"People don't know how the schematic part of it goes. You've got to put your players in position to make plays as well."
Reed said he is happy to be in New York now and reunited with Rex Ryan, his former defensive coordinator in Baltimore, but he is clearly still bitter toward Phillips.
He said Phillips came up to him after he was released "basically just to make sure I was leaving."
"Honestly, he's probably the guy, the reason I'm not there," Reed said.
But Reed signed with the Jets last week, days after being cut by Houston. He started at free safety a few days later during New York's loss to the Bills and will start once again when the Jets face the Ravens Sunday.
He had three tackles against Buffalo, including his first tackle for a loss of the year.
"[I'm] very comfortable, very comfortable," Reed said. "That was part of my decision of signing here and knowing that I could come in, know the defense, be effective and not worry about all the [other stuff] that goes along with the business side of things."