DATE: June 2


RACE: 20-lap 358 Sprint Feature

WINNER: Mike Bittinger, Abbottstown, Pa.


CARROLL FINISHERS: 2nd Austin Hogue, Manchester; 14th Nick Palmerino, Hampstead; 19th Steve Owings, Westminster

RACE NOTES: Mike Bittinger started on the front row alongside polesitter Matt Findley. Findley grabbed the lead at the drop of the green with Mike Bittinger in pursuit. Bittinger followed Findley for the first six laps before making the race winning pass with a slider in turns three and four. Third-starting Austin Hogue drove under Findley for second coming out of Turn 2 following a 10-lap restart to finish second, with Todd Rittenhouse, Jr. third. Matt Findley was fourth and Niki Young completed the top five. Bittinger won $1,000 for his victory.

RACE: 25-lap 410 Super Sprint

WINNER: Cory Haas, Dallastown, Pa.


CARROLL FINISHER: 23rd Brad McClelland

RACE NOTES: Gerard McIntyre, Jr. started on the front row and grabbed the lead battling with Jim Siegel. As McIntyre and Siegel battled for the lead Cory Haas who started in eighth. Haas caught polesitter Kyle Pruitt for fourth on lap 9 and drove around Kevin Nouse for third following a 10-lap restart, and took the lead from McIntyre on a 12th-lap restart. From there, Haas pulled away, blowing through lapped traffic to cross 5.74 seconds ahead of Siegel. Siegel took second from McIntyre on lap 20, but by then Haas was long gone. Siegel finished second, McIntyre third, Alan Krimes fourth and Schuchart fifth. Haas picked up $3,200 for his victory and joined points leader Danny Dietrich and four-time champ Brian Montieth as a three- time winner in the 25-lap "410" sprint car feature.

RACE: 20-lap Thundercar Feature

WINNER: Brian Walls, Gettysburg, Pa.

CARROLL FINISHERS: 2nd Brian Diehl, Sykesville; 7th Todd Miller, Mt.Airy; 11th Roy Warehime, Manchester


DATE: June 2

RACE: 20-lap 270cc Micro Sprint Feature

WINNER: Bill Laughman, New Oxford, Pa.

CARROLL FINISHERS: 2nd Brent Bull, Hampstead; 4th Steven Cox, Finksburg; 5th Michael Boer, Hampstead; 7th Michael Ertter, Mt. Airy

RACE NOTES: Brent Bull grabbed the lead at the drop of the green. Adrian Shaffer and Jim Still fell victim to a collision on the initial start of the feature. Bill Laughman had his work cut out for him starting in 12th position. Laughman had battled into second place by lap 15, and claimed the lead on the final lap to pick up win number 30 at Trail-Way. Bull finished second, Colton Young third, Steven Cox fourth and Michael Boer fifth.

RACE: 20-lap 600cc Micro Sprint

WINNER: David Holbrook, Parkton

CARROLL FINISHERS: 14th Jeremy Glass, Sykesville; 20th J D Harman, Sykesville

RACE: 15-lap Limited Stock Feature

WINNER: Kyle Rohrbaugh, Hanover, Pa.

CARROLL FINISHER: 3rd Sarah Redmond, Taneytown

RACE: 12-lap Strictly Stock Feature

WINNER: Alan Shoff, Denton

CARROLL FINISHER: 5th Dale Arnold, Mt. Airy

RACE: 12-lap Scramble Car Feature

WINNER: Brad Kress, Hanover, Pa.

RACE: 20-lap Classic Cars Feature

WINNER: Jim Crocker


DATE: June 2

RACE: 40-lap Appalachian Mountain Late Model Feature

WINNER: Jamie Lathroum, Mechanicsville

RACE NOTES: Roy Deese Jr. drew pill number 1 and Rick Eckert drew pill number 2 to start the feature with Jamie Lathroum starting in third. Tim McCreadie moved into third by lap three. The first caution came out on lap five when fourth running Jeremy Miller stopped just before turn three of lap five and another caution came out on lap seven when Stevie Long rolled to a stop in turn two. It was a three-car battle up front but Lathroum decided it was time to move and passed Eckert for the lead on lap twelve. Within the next five laps, he was more than three seconds ahead and arrived at the rear of the field with more than six seconds to the good when the next caution came ou. On the restart Lathroum easily pulled away from the field and was in a race all his own. Stretching his lead every lap under green to move more than five seconds ahead, he cleared his first rear car on lap 37 and got past another to tour the final lap and pick up the checkered flag 5.416 seconds ahead of McCreadie. Dan Stone came from 14th and was into third the final 10 laps and was still advancing but time ran out. McCreadie finished second, Stone third, Eckert fourth and Gregg Satterlee completed the top five. The win was Lathroum's second consecutive win at Hagerstown.

RACE: 15-lap Pure Stock Feature

WINNER: Brian Miller, Hagerstown.

CARROLL FINISHER: 15th Mike Kratovil, Westminster


DATE: June 2

RACE: 25-lap 358 Sprint Feature

WINNER: Jason Shultz, Carlisle, Pa.

RACE: 25-lap Late Model Feature

WINNER: Jeff Rine, Danville, Pa.

RACE: 15-lap Pro Stock Feature

WINNER: Hayes Mattern, Beavertown, Pa.

RACE: 12-lap Roadrunner Feature

WINNER: Ricky Bender, Jolliet, Pa.


DATE: June 2

RACE: 25-lap 410 Sprint Super Feature

WINNER: Lance Dewease, Fayetteville, Pa.

RACE: 20-lap Late Model Feature

WINNER: Andy Haus, Hamburg, Pa.

RACE: 15-lap Pro Stock Feature

WINNER: Harold Ranck Jr.


DATE: June 2

RACE: 20-lap Super Sportsman

WINNER: Steve Fannasy

RACE: 20-lap 358 Late Model Feature

WINNER: Gene Knaub, Dover, Pa.

CARROLL FINISHERS: 7th Charlie Schaffer, Hampstead; 11th Chaz Walls, Taneytown

RACE: 15-lap Street Stock Feature

WINNER: Chad Smith


DATE: June 2

RACE: 20-lap Limited Late Model Feature

WINNER: D.J. Troutman

RACE: 15-lap Hobby Stock Feature

WINNER: Chad Gambol

RACE: 18- lap Street Stock Feature

WINNER: Brian Duffy

RACE: 12-lap 4-cylinder Feature

WINNER: Nick Iski


WILLIAMS GROVE SPEEDWAY: June 8 7:30 pm All Star 410 Super Sprints and ARDC Midgets; June 9 6:30 pm Super Sportsman, 358 Late Models, and Street Stocks

TRAIL-WAY SPEEDWAY: June 8 7:30 pm 358 Sprints, Central PA Legends, and Limited Stocks; June 9 6:30 pm 600cc & 270cc Micro Sprints, Central PA Legends, Scramble Cars, and Strictly Stocks

HAGERSTOWN SPEEDWAY: June 9 7:00 pm Richard Bonebrake Memorial Steel Block Bandits, Hobby Stocks, and Pure Stocks

LINCOLN SPEEDWAY: June 9 7 pm All Star 410 Super Sprints, 358 Sprints

SELINSGROVE SPEEDWAY: June 9 7 pm 358 Sprints, Late Models, Pro Stocks, and Roadrunners

PORT ROYAL SPEEDWAY: June 9 7 pm Wingless USAC Sprints and ARDC Midgets

SUSQUEHANNA SPEEDWAY: June 9 6 pm Late Models, Street Stocks, Extreme Stocks, Road Warriors, and Mini Vans