What's a small time drug dealer to do when he get's robbed and his stash and money are stolen?
According to "We're the Millers," directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber (Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story), you put together a pretend family to go across the boarder to bring back a major amount of weed to satisfy your supplier to pay back what was taken from the robbery.
David (Jason Sudeikis), Rose (Jennifer Aniston), Casey (Emma Roberts) and Kenny (Will Poulter) are the pretend family known now as the Millers.
None of the 'family members' particularly want to be in this adventure together at the start of the film, but each has their reasons for going along for the story. We get laughs out of the friction between them.
Through unpredictable accidents and unbelievable circumstances they pull together and get the job done while meeting some criminals along the way.
Because no plan in a good comedy goes smoothly there are a host of interruptions the mock family has to deal with, each funnier than the last.
They get shot at; there are some fights and other things happen that throw them off course, but they always get back together and bond as a real family would.
Each interruption of the main plot provides the audience with a chance for comedic entanglements, while furthering the family themes of the movie.
If you're looking for a movie that will give you a few laughs, make sure you go to see "We're the Millers." Rated R.