Medals dangling around their necks, 28 members of the U.S. Olympic team still are basking in praise of their hometown friends and relatives.

What about the some 175 other members of the team who came home, sans medals?

It's back to work, undoubtedly, for some of them. Even at their high echelon sports, some of them must have to work 9-5.

What a comedown - from a gold-medal-maybe, to a no-medal-certain.

Medals or not, the U.S. Team at the closing ceremonies made a standout appearance in their handsome navy blue and red jackets and various attractive wool caps.

Almost standard issue with the athletes were picture-taking devices. Would the number of photos taken total millions? Maybe more.

As in the opening ceremonies, Russia tried to encompass its history and talent from then until now. Then is long centuries ago.

I got a little sleepy along the way. I loved, however, the snaking lines of participants in their shimmery silver robes and red shoes.

Not sleepy, however, when the dancers from the Bolshoi and the Maryinski Ballets moved, en pointe, through exquisite formations. Was there anything prettier than the ballerinas in white tutus with aqua sashes?

Fortunately, after a tease, the display of the Olympics five rings, this time, made the right count.

As usual the ceremony was a spectacle of changing lights, and fabulous fireworks. A boat floating through the sky was an added feature, likewise the Marc Chagall floor pattern which reminded me of one at Lincoln Center, NYC.

One more Olympics post mortem: Mr. Putin never smiled throughout the whole spectacular display.

A Joe Biden, Putin is not.

Perhaps our VP could give him a few tips on baring his pearly whites.