Chamber event is a delicious fundraising success!!

A Taste of Pikesville event programs.
A Taste of Pikesville event programs. (Michael Rosner/Submitted photo, Carroll County Times)

Pikesville Chamber of Commerce:

The very first "Taste of Pikesville" event showcasing Pikesville's restaurants, caterers, drinks, etc. at the Hilton Baltimore North/Pikesville Hotel, courtesy, Nick Mangione Jr. was a fab success! Thanks Nick!


Many thanks to the Chamber's hard working dedicated committee that did a great job: Marcy Gorman, Todd Brown, Melissa Fordham, Stuart Goldberg, Andy Hoffman, Richard (Dick) Intner, Bill Leonhard, Ellen Sue Levinson Jeffers, Nick Mangione Jr., Mark Pressman and Yoland Quinn.

Mega thanks to all the generous "Taste of Pikesville" participants that included Original Fish & Chips, Simply Elegant Catering, Mt. Washington Tavern, Noodles & Company, Van Gogh Vodka, Pikes Diner, Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, Gourmet Again, Island Quizine, Innovative Gourmet, Royal Wines, McDonalds (Slade Ave.), Boordy Wines, Quarry Bagel & Café, Sofi's Crepes, Mari Luna Mexican Grille, Fountainside Restaurant, Southern Distributors, Suburban House, The Fresh Market, Many Mini Cakes, The Wild Pea, Quarry Wine & Spirits, Ledo's Pizza, California Tortilla, Mr. Charles Market, Heavy Seas-Clipper City, Coffee with a T. Also North Oaks and The Baltimore North/Pikesville Hotel.


Thanks also to the many sponsors WCBM, Innovative Party Planners, Jewish Times, Giant Foods, Patch.com, PCRC, We Treat Feet, Badges Buttons Plus, Hopkins Federal Savings Bank, Pikesville Senior Center, Rotary Club, CCBC, Dr. Dean Kane, and Miller's Minuteman Press.

Among the 500 "Taste of Pikesville" revelers were County Executive Kevin Kamenetz, and Councilwoman Vicki Almond. Also Adele Kass, Steven Cohen, Frank Bressler, Diane and Eddie Steinberg, David Uhfelder, Steve Abrams, Marc Pressman, Kristen Cooper, Judy Finifter, Estelle Roll, Leslie and Jonathan Welfeld, Stacey Stern, Mr. and Mrs. Todd Brown.

Jessica Normington is executive director of the Pikesville Chamber of Commerce. Ayme Lederman is administrative assistant.

Pikesville Chamber reminders

Pikesville Farmer's Market is open for you to shop beginning Tuesday, June 5, and runs through Nov. 13. Time: 9:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Location is the Office Depot parking lot, 1630 Reisterstown Road, Pikesville. You can purchase produce, plants, honey, meats, hummus, salad dressings, Frank's gourmet chips, sandwiches, clothing, jewelry and oils.

Pikesville Summer Fest is Sunday, June 10, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Locale is Sudbrook Lane between Reisterstown Road and Old Court Roads. There will be craft vendors, garden and flower vendors, antique cars sponsored by MECU of Baltimore. Plus a children's fun area with rides, face painting, caricatures, balloon art. Note: every child that brings a report card will receive a gift! Food and drink will be available to purchase.


People Kudos

Gargantuan congrats to Susan Ingram, my fab editor at the Community Times, recently graduated from Johns Hopkins University, with a Masters in Writing and begins teaching in the fall.

We all wish Susan many more wonderful years with continued success with her new future endeavors! Everything wonderful and the very best of everything life has to offer! Mazel Tov and L'Chaim!

Lifecycle simcha celebrations

A very happy and a few belated birthday greetings to family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and community celebrating 30-something, more or less. Also a sprinkling of kids, tween/teens and seniors (recycled teenagers):

Jeff Forman, Perry London, Dr. Arlene Bearman, Natalie Nelson, Shelly Boblitz, Ellen Goldwasser, Todd Feurman, Jeemy Staiman, Jamie Levinson, Barb Schaftel, Ellen Dorenfeld, Gary Raim, Stephen Sussman, Sherri Venick, Barb Bloom, Marion Klein, Phyllis Pollokoff, Neil Goldberg, Shana Heilveil.

And Dr. Paul Shenker, Mort Steinhorn, Karan Engerman, Craig Lippens, David Pritzker, Paula King, Joyce Fitch, Scott Shindell, Jerry Pinkholtz, Hinda Petersson, Melinda Sauter, Linda Leffman, Alan Bedrick, Ann-Laurie Hyman.

Happy kids birthdays to Annabelle and Ben Forman.

Happy centenarian-plus-seven birthday to youngster Blanche Schimmel, celebrating her 107th birthday! Yes, 107th birthday! Fantabulous!

We all wish Blanche good health and many more wonderful birthdays! Yes! Again, happy, happy 107th birthday to this very special birthday celebrant, Blanche Schimmel! WOW! 107!

Engagement congrats

Dana Jackson to Ethan Block


Best wishes for wedded bliss: Sara (Goldberg) and Brett Dechowitz


Welcome to this trio of adorable, precious, bundles of joy:

A son, Rece, to Nissa and Paul Weinberg

A daughter, Ruth Sadie Guy-Decker, to Tracie and David Guy-Decker

A son, Liam Mordechai, to Elana and Simeon Siegel

Mazel Tov to all! Enjoy with oodles of hugs and kisses and a few lovable squeezes on their eensie, weensie tiny diapered tushes!

Anniversary congrats

A whopper fab (platinum) 71st anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Lou Bluefeld! Wow! 71 years! A whopper gorgeous (diamond plus, plus, plus!) 66th anniversary to Vivian and Joe Omansky. An equally gorgeous (diamond) 60th anniversary to Shirley and Don Sussman.

WOW! A 71st , a 66th and a 60th anniversary! Fantabulous!

We all wish the above many, many more wonderful anniversary celebrations with good health and happiness! Yes!

A fab 58th anniversary Marion and Al Akman. An equally fab 57th anniversary Arlene and Bernie Mazer. An equally fab 56th anniversary Marsha and Herm Glassband. A pretty (emerald) 55th anniversary Marlene and Dr. Irv Pollack, Gerri and Larry Kobren. A great (triple chai) 54th anniversary Nancy and Victor Frenkil Jr. A wonderful 53rd anniversary Rheta and Bernie Rosen. Celebrating their (golden) big 5-0 half-century anniversary are Joan and Dr. Herb Gottlieb.

A great 47th anniversary Dr.s Margaret and Steve Sharfstein, Janet and George Korba. A pretty (sapphire) 45th anniversary Roslyn and Stephen Blum. A very happy 42nd anniversary Cindy and Carl Baylin. A lovely (ruby) 40th anniversary Marsha and Art Kalisch Jr.

A very happy 37th anniversary Dr.s Ellen and Bruce Taylor. A lovely (coral) 35th anniversary Marlene and Ed Dahne. A wonderful 31st anniversary Sandy and Lee Kirsh. An attractive (pearl) 30th anniversary Carol and Dr. Dan Schwartz, Sharon and Gary Applestein, Debra and Howard Mervis.

A great 28th anniversary Mindy and Dr. Scott Wassel. A wonderful 27th anniversary Judy and Judge Michael Finifter. Celebrating their (silver) 25th quarter-century anniversary are Gail and Dave Kerxton, Mr. and Mrs. Jerold Fleishman. A very happy 24th anniversary Dr. and Mrs. Michael Mond. An equally very happy 23rd anniversary Jo and Don Franklin. An enjoyable 21st anniversary to Dr.s Carol and Andy Rudo, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Paris. A happy 20th anniversary Harriet and Marc Horwitz, Mona and Jerry Weinberg.

A beautiful (crystal) 15th anniversary Anna and Michael Finkel.

A happy 5th anniversary Jenn and Jeremy Glovitch, 3rd anniversary Oshrat and Moshe Hondara, 2nd Carly and Dan Schoher.

Happy anniversary also Suzanne and Jerry Kiewe, Barb and Dr. Don Milsten.

Happy anniversary to all of the above and to those celebrating anniversaries not listed! May you all enjoy many, many more wonderful anniversary simchas! L'Chaim!

Shannon and Taylor Stern, tween/teen, young adult and under-30 social columnists

Bat Mitzvah

Mazel Tov to Melanie Block, Garbielle Sherer, Chloe Buergenthal

Bar Mitzvah

Mazel Tov to Jay Hedemannn, Jason Ciresi.


B'nai Mitzvah

Double Mazel Tov to Julie and Jacob Franklin

Happy young adult birthdays Eliza Buergenthal, Jayden Nagel, Ben Glaser, Austin Blank.

Happy 20-something and under-30 birthdays to Gabi Levin, Alicia Besser.

Happy birthday to all the double-digit, Bat and Bar Mitzvah celebrants, young adult and 20-something and under-30 birthday celebrants not listed!

Happy milestone birthdays all!


June 6 denotes D-Day, the 68th anniversary of the allied invasion of Normandy, which took place June 6, 1944.


Shabbat candle-lighting time, Friday evening, June 8, is 8:13 p.m.

Have and enjoy a terrific week everyone! Yes!