Orioles Face-Off: Leave Gausman in Bowie

Don't get me wrong, I think Kevin Gausman should get to the majors this season. And when he does, it's highly likely that he'll be successful and consistent for the Orioles.

But now is not the time.

I know Brian is going to say his 1-4 record at Class-AA Bowie doesn't matter because he feels wins and losses don't matter. And, sure, he's had a couple of hard-luck losses.

But winning games is still important, and he still hasn't blown away hitters at that level. Baltimore still has a few other in-house options to test, too, such as Jair Jurrjens and Steve Johnson.

They both have also been proven starters in the big leagues, unlike the young Gausman.

In case you've missed it, the Orioles haven't had the best luck with getting top pitching prospects into the top of their rotation. Remember Hayden Penn in the early 2000s?

He was the youngest player in baseball at 20 years old when he was called up, compiled a 9.31 ERA in 14 career starts for Baltimore and then disappeared.

More recently, Brian Matusz debuted less than a year after he signed his contract following the draft. He was solid at first, but then had a 1-9 season with a 10.69 ERA.

Matusz has found success as a reliever, but that's not what the Orioles thought he would be when they drafted him.

As for Gausman, you have to remember the guy has only pitched 58 1-3 professional innings in his career. It would be pretty quick to bring him up after only that much minor-league experience.

I know the Orioles' rotation hasn't looked sharp recently. But let's see if Johnson can return to his 2012 form and if Jurrjens can return to his 2011 form.

With the recent injury to Dylan Bundy, Baltimore just can not afford to mismanage Gausman. Who knows when Bundy will finally be completely healthy again?

The Orioles just can't afford to hurt their future by messing up Gausman now.

This isn't like the Baltimore teams of years past, either.

This is a competing team with a winning record. It is not a dire situation yet, so there's no need to rush any unproven prospects to the majors like in the past.

Now, if Wei-Yin Chen can't return soon, this becomes a different story.

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