Carroll County Times

Letter: Unrepresented in Annapolis

I'm so glad you published Tim Headley's letter in the May 24 edition of the Times. While I won't be voting for Carmen Amedori, I'm glad someone finally addressed Del. Susan Krebs' behavior.

Not only is she a prime example of what we need to do about term limits, I've seen this side of her one too many times. Her smug letter last week about how she voted against SB 212, which she naturally referred to as "the bathroom bill," didn't come as a surprise to me. She can't state her plan for the county without a jab at Gov. Martin O'Malley or some "social" issue she opposes.

As a gay man, I am so embarrassed to have Krebs representing me in Annapolis. I have yet to meet an openly gay, lesbian or transgender individual who has any sexual interest in a minor or an intent to "indoctrinate" youth as part of some homosexual agenda. Transgender individuals are the most misunderstood and harmed faction of the LGBT community. Krebs should take a look at the countless beatings and murders that this community has had to endure.

Not only did Krebs and her husband Mark vote against the legalization of same sex marriage in Maryland but are also one of the few financial contributors in my vicinity to movements that fought the legalization. Those movements failed, as we all know. If Krebs wants to find a legitimate menace to our children, she should look to local scoutmasters and priests. I know plenty of them who have sexually assaulted and scarred our youth.

Krebs' clock is ticking, and hopefully we won't see her or fellow embarrassments Robin Frazier and Richard Rothschild serve another term.

Trevor Barnes