Please just stop it. All the Washington Redskins fans, media members and crazy radio callers, just please stop talking about Kirk Cousins.

All of this fuss is ridiculous and unnecessary for one simple fact - the Redskins drafted Robert Griffin III after trading multiple picks to move up in the draft. Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen decided that Cousins was a good pick for depth and perhaps a guy they can flip down the line.

The Atlanta Falcons got several draft picks for Matt Schaub, former Green Bay Packer and current Seattle Seahawk Matt Flynn turned two garbage game performances into a multi-million dollar deal.

The Redskins are simply sticking to the adage that you can't have enough competent quarterbacks in today's league. Injuries strike all the time and there is no guarantee that RG3 will stay upright for the entire season.

But the biggest reason to be quiet is the fact that fourth-round picks - like Cousins - very frequently become franchise quarterbacks. Not my opinion, just a hard fact. Even I can't make up this information about the projected starting quarterbacks around the league.

Zero projected starters were selected in the fourth round. ZERO! In fact 23 of those starters were first-round picks - like Griffin - and two well known backups come to mind that were first round picks. Tim Tebow and Rex Grossman were selected in the first round and they both have starting experience.

Two starting QBs were picked in the second round - and if Kevin Kolb beats out fifth-round pick John Skelton that number moves to three - and one starter each from the third, fifth and sixth round. There are three starters picked in the seventh round and just one undrafted free agent that finds himself with a starting job - Tony Romo.

Most perennial contenders boast first rounders at the quarterback position. Eli Manning, Joe Flacco and Ben Roethlisberger are just a few that come to mind. The Redskins weren't creating a controversy they are just building a football team.

So please, please stop with all the Cousins drama, it's a media and fan manufactured controversy