Carroll County Times

Letter: Trade agreement will cost jobs

While the media focuses on the glitches to, a far more sinister issue is almost totally neglected.
The Obama administration is promoting a trade agreement called the Trans-Pacific Partnership through secret negotiations. It has received little press and almost no criticism from Republicans or Democrats. The TPP consists of 12 countries in the Pacific rim that represents almost 40 percent of the world's GDP. It is, in effect, NAFTA on steroids.
What will be the outcome of TPP? We will likely see a major increase in our trade deficit. The countries involved in TPP will have a hard time affording American goods, so they will buy fewer products made in America. We, on the other hand, love cheap foreign products and will buy more. The result will be higher imports from the TPP countries and fewer exports from the United States. The result is a major increase in our trade deficit and a major loss of U.S. manufacturing jobs. Sound familiar?
The other major issue with TPP is the loss of American sovereignty by subordinating state and federal laws to the terms of the TPP agreement. State and federal laws on the environment, labor standards, etc. will be subordinate to those stipulated in the TPP. What is shocking about this trade agreement is that there has been little outrage by either Democrats or Republicans. The reason is probably due to the benefits and profits that multi-national corporations will accrue as a result of this agreement. After all, we know who runs the country and who the politicians represent.
Voters from both parties should contact their elected representatives and tell them to vote no on any trade agreement that costs American jobs and undermines our state and federal sovereignty. I believe this is one issue that both Democrats and Republicans outside of Washington can agree on.
We don't want any more secret trade agreements that sell out American workers and our national sovereignty to foreign interests and more corporate greed.
David J. Iacono