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Chair Shots: Who will be the fifth member of Team Foley at WWE Survivor Series?

With WWE completely shaking up the card for this Sunday's Survivor Series pay-per-view on Raw last week, it is likely that a chunk of tonight's show will be about trying to flesh out the card.

The addition of another 5-on-5 traditional tag team match -- my pick is Rey Mystero, Sin Cara, Santino Marella, Zack Ryder and Brodus Clay vs. the Prime Time Players (Titus O'Neill and Darren Young) and 3MB (Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre) -- and a likely U.S. Championship match between Antonio Cesaro and R-Truth, the biggest mystery to solve is who the fifth member of Team Foley will be.

For those keeping score, Team Foley is Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, Kane and Kofi Kingston and they'll be facing Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio, Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow.

Ryback and CM Punk were removed from the originally booked match and placed into a Triple Threat for the WWE Championship, along with John Cena. Ziggler took over the heel squad as its captain and The Miz quit before Punk and Heyman were removed from the team, replaced by Barrett.

Looking at the WWE roster, I see five potential additions to the team. Mick Foley, despite technically being team captain, isn't one of them. He has said on numerous occasions, including an interview with Chair Shots last month, that he's not wrestling another match. I believe him, even with the protection of being in a 5-on-5 tag team match where he wouldn't have to work very much, I don't see it happening.

Here are the five:

Jerry Lawler: Despite suffering a heart attack on the air two months ago and nearly dying, The King will return to the WWE TV tonight on commentary. In interviews since his heart attack, Lawler has claimed he would wrestle again. I'm not advising this -- and I don't think WWE's doctors would either, at least I hope not -- but Lawler being added to the team as a feel-good story would do amazing business, even if it's a horrible idea medically. He certainly has history with team captain Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero.

John Cena: Wait, wha? Cena's part of the reason we are in this mess to begin with. Having him wrestle for the championship in the main event, while continuing the CM Punk-Ryback storyline, is what WWE is banking on to sell this pay-per-view. But from a narrative standpoint, it makes more sense for Cena to want to get some revenge on Ziggler, who he is feuding with right now over the AJ scandal. Would Cena give up a WWE title match for the second month in a row?

Jack Swagger: OK, fine, this is more of a pipe dream. Swagger has been out of action since the summer, but did return this past week during WWE's tour of the U.K. Swagger does have some bad blood with Ziggler, but I don't think the timing is right. Personally, I think Swagger needs to return as a face, get built up and challenge Antonio Cesaro (apparently they worked a great match in Switzerland during the tour). Unless they intend to book him as a survivor in this match, I think it'll needlessly crush any potential momentum that comes from a return.

Great Khali: The 7-foot tall Punjabi giant returned to WWE Smackdown a few weeks back. He's certainly not one of my favorites, but WWE loves him. And if the story of tonight's Raw is going to be the heels getting over on the babyface squad less than a week before their pay-per-view, who better to tip the scales back in Team Foley's favor than a monster like Khali? Alas, this would get a major thumbs down from almost everyone, because he'd just be taking a spot without any compelling storyline.

The Miz: It fits the narrative, as well as the speculative article addressing the same subject on Foley and Miz have been name-dropping each other the past few weeks, mainly because the Miz is the subject of Foley's new Christmas book, the Most Mizerable Christmas. On Smackdown, after losing to rival Kofi Kingston, Miz attempted to shake his hand, only to be dropkicked out of the ring. Miz is a former WWE Champion and one of the WWE's best when it comes to being a spokesman for the company. He's the star of the newest WWE movie, Marine 3, and the aforementioned Christmas book. Turning him babyface makes sense from a business perspective, but also, joining this team would be a compelling story, because he would have an uphill battle getting the rest of the team -- and the fans -- to trust him.

Perhaps it is obvious, but the choice has to be The Miz. Whether WWE goes through with a full babyface turn or it's temporary, only to see him double cross the team on Sunday, it makes for the most compelling story without reshuffling the card (Cena), putting someone at risk (Lawler), disappointing the fans (Khali) or crushing the momentum of a return (Swagger). Book it!