Brock Lesnar
(AP file photo, Carroll County Times)

Believe it or not, rumors are all but confirmed that WWE has resigned Brock Lesnar to a 1-year deal, and Dave Batista may have signed with the company as well. Both were in Miami and picked up by WWE according to multiple reports.

So will we see them at the big show tonight? Personally, I don't think so. Traditionally, when WWE has signed big names right before WrestleMania, they don't debut untl the next night on Raw. While many people view WrestleMania as the "start" of a new WWE year, in fact, it's more like the end. The next night on Raw is the beginning of the new year, and might even have a larger audience than WrestleMania.

Even when Raw is pulling a 3.0 rating, that typically means about 4 million to 5 million people are watching. Assuming WrestleMania achieves 1 million-plus buys, as expected, that means every buy has to average out to at least four people to get the same audience. I know many folks have WrestleMania parties, but I'd guess for everyone buy that has 5 or more viewers, there is one buy that's just one person.

Beyond that, for the most part, you've made the decision on whether you are going to buy WrestleMania already, and likely did the minute Rock vs. Cena was announced last year.

And if you're a WWE fan and not buying 'Mania, then you'll definitely be watching Raw the next night for the fall out. That's when you have Lesnar and Batista return, in front of a larger audience.

So don't get your hopes up if you buy WrestleMania tonight expecting to see those two. WWE might tease a "big return" or something to entice you to watch Raw tomorrow, but not expect to see their faces until Monday night, when Raw goes up against a huge ratings draw in the Kentucky-Kansas NCAA Basketball Championship.