I recommend to everyone "The Revisionaries" documentary, which gives reasons to be an informed citizen when voting.

The film describes what happened in Texas regarding fundamentalist Christians. What happened in Texas isn't staying in Texas. This agenda among some fundamentalist evangelicals is afoot in Carroll.

The video of the Texas State Board of Education shows how TSBE rewrote science, history and social studies curriculum, inserting conservative religious views, including creationism as science. They substituted John Calvin for Thomas Jefferson as a proponent of enlightenment.

The book, "Taking Liberties," by Robert Boston, says conservatives "sometimes want to take over the schools and 'Christianize' them; other times they want to abolish the entire system and move toward a network of private, sectarian schools funded by taxpayers through voucher system plans."

Fundamentalists see schools "as mission fields of the unsaved children and a target for evangelism."

Two movements are of concern in Carroll. One is the after school "Character Clubs" which are defacto religious education programs operating daily in Carroll elementary schools, with plans to be in 23 schools. According to the April 29 edition of The Advocate, "they depend on individual school administrators to allow the clubs to be held on school grounds."

These clubs tell "true" Bible stories. Many don't realize their teachings will portray creationism as science, confusing children who are not able to understand differences between religious dogma and public school science requirements. Why? Because creationism is being taught in a public school building.

The club's director says "what they are teaching goes hand in hand with the Bible and presents the Bible as a legitimate reference, and what they are teaching is very creditable."

The clubs are a pretext to get religion in the door as daily Sunday school classes in public schools. They should be held in church. Which school administrators have allowed this?

In addition, a slush fund may be headed for parochial school systems. The commissioners flipped another $400,000 into this fund. Citizens weren't informed before the deed was done. Why can't we question the religiously motivated? What's the truth about the $800,000 fund? What don't they want you to see? Remember the emperor's new clothes?

Nan Nelson