Outfitted in royal diapers and snoozing in his royal bassinet, is HRH Prince Whats-His-Name of Cambridge dreaming of the British Crown which someday may be placed on his head?
How many thousands of babies were born today around the world?
Each, surely, brings to his parents and family the promise through the years of unimaginable joy.
Far-off and a little iffy, the "crown possibility" indeed makes a difference.
His future, undoubtedly, will be cushy and privileged. But is this all good? He will be watched, followed, imitated, praised and criticized virtually from day one.
Royalty-watchers are a sizable cult, not just in Great Britain but in the U.S. as well.
That's a fact - despite the comment of one who mused, "We beat the British over 200 years ago to get rid of all that royalty stuff!"
Nonetheless, pictures of the newcomer, plus his attractive Mom and Dad - for a short time - will push pop stars off pages of current magazines.
This and that, including details of weight, height, sleeping and eating habits, color of eyes, color of hair - any? - I'm sure are topics of conversation among both families.
Typical remarks:
"He looks just like his Mother," enthuses Grandma Middleton.
"He looks just like his Dad," enthuses Grandad Prince Charles.
But PLEASE, I hope you didn't wake Great Grandma, the Queen, with news of her great-grandchild's arrival.
Somewhere, in the news I heard she had made that request. What a pill - Queen or not.
In line with protocol, the birth was told on a sign placed on the an easel which, of course, has been used for hundreds of years.
The names of decades of royal newborns similarly have been announced to the world.
Which of these is Number One to Kate and William?
Why HRH Whats-His-Name, of course, who else?