Carroll County Times

Man convicted of attempted robbery, sentenced to 8 years

A jury found a Westminster man guilty of attempted robbery Friday for trying to steal money from a victim at a drive-through ATM.

Allen Andrew Silberman, 43, of the unit block of Pennsylvania Avenue, was sentenced by Judge Lawrence R. Daniels to serve eight years in the Department of Corrections, according to Senior Assistant State's Attorney Adam Wells.

On Nov. 22, police responded to the PNC Bank on Main Street in Westminster for an attempted robbery, according to charging documents.

The victim told police that he was conducting a transaction at the ATM when he observed Silberman in his driver's side mirror standing behind his vehicle watching him, according to the documents.

When the money began to dispense, Silberman squeezed between the victim's vehicle and the ATM and attempted to take the $340 in cash from the victim's hand, according to the documents.

After a brief struggle, the victim was able to pull the money away when he elbowed Silberman to get him to release his grip, according to the documents.

The bank was able to provide police with still photographs of the incident and the investigating officer recognized Silberman from prior contact he has had with law enforcement, according to the documents.

Silberman was arrested Nov. 23 and told police that he was at the ATM and attempting to speak with one of his friends in the ATM line when the victim elbowed him, according to the documents.

According to Wells, Silberman has previous theft-related convictions on his record.