Letter: Object to pronoun change

Twice in recent weeks the Times has included Associated Press stories that used feminine pronouns when referring to a man.
The latest example appeared Thursday, Oct. 10. The article, titled "Manning rejects 'pacifist' label" was about PFC Bradley Manning, who is currently in federal prison having been convicted of espionage.
Almost immediately after his conviction, Manning declared that he has changed his name to Chelsea Manning. That's fair enough. I suppose he can legally change his name, and perhaps he has. That doesn't make him female. It puts me in mind of the old Johnny Cash song, "A boy named Sue."
The article repeatedly used feminine pronouns such as "she" and "herself" when referring to Manning. In doing so, this unfortunate and profoundly confused young man's sexual delusion is portrayed as reality. I object.
This may seem like trivial thing, but I believe this subtle tactic of referring to men who say they are women with feminine pronouns is the next step in what has been an extraordinarily successful movement, the LGBT movement. LGBT stands for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender alliance.
I really have no hatred for any of these people. I can't afford to be hateful. No one can. But if we think it is absurd that society might regard men who pretend to be women as women, remember that it wasn't too long ago that most of us would have considered it absurd that the law would sanction wedding vows exchanged by two women or two men.
Not all change is progressive.
Michael Hurley