Israel Bonds honors Beth Sellman

Outgoing chairwoman Beth Sellman was honored at the Women's Division Israel Bonds of Maryland "Bonding with Beth" luncheon.
Outgoing chairwoman Beth Sellman was honored at the Women's Division Israel Bonds of Maryland "Bonding with Beth" luncheon. (Submitted Photo by Hillary Lewis , Carroll County Times)

The charming and personable Beth Sellman, chairwoman Women's Division Israel Bonds of Maryland, culminated a very successful two-year tenure and was honored at a lovely tribute titled "Bonding with Beth" by members of the organization's very active Women's Division. The venue for this lovely appreciation luncheon was Beth Tfiloh Synagogue.

Beth Tfiloh is where Beth's Jewish journey was initiated 25 years ago, with top notch guidance, inspiration and wisdom from Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg, Zipora Schorr and Ahuva Albrecht, the cantor's wife.


Shellye Attman Gilden, immediate past Women's Division Israel Bonds and chair of this tribute, welcomed everyone and acknowledged Beth Sellman's dedicated leadership. Beth actually followed Shellye in this four year move-up-the-ranks leadership position. Shellye commented that Beth is a wonderful woman with kindness, style, elegance and leadership, a complete package. Everyone, including this columnist, agrees.

Zipora Schorr, Dean, Dahan Community School also gave glowing remarks about Beth, commenting Beth has been active at Beth Tfiloh Synagogue for many years, participating and chairing many activities. Zipora further commented, "Beth is a positive person with everyone and everything!"


Beth's loving and very proud husband, Dr. Michael Sellman, married 28 years, referred to his lovely wife as a "superstar" with keen thoughtfulness, personal grace and kindness and an unwavering commitment to Israel Bonds. She likes to inspire everyone to buy Israel Bonds. Now a past chairwoman of this organization, her commitment will never cease. Dr. Sellman, further referred to his wife as a "Woman of Valor."

Following the previous speakers, was a talented "Bonds to Broadway" singers "love-fest" skit, very appropriately reflecting with many of Beth's great attributes. This skit was enjoyed by all the guests attending this special tribute.

Betsy Narrow, Shellye Attman Gilden and Rina Janet coordinated this upbeat great skit. Participants in addition to Betsy, Shellye and Rina also included Judi Fader, Clara Klein, Linda Roedel, Nancy Sacks, Rosalie Sellman and Wendy Miller. Doris Sugar was the fab pianist.

Alvin Dorenfeld, executive director, Israel Bonds of Maryland introduced John Abosch, recently installed to top leadership, general chair, Israel Bonds Campaign of Maryland. On behalf of the Israel Bond organization, Abosch presented honoree Sellman with an award. Wendy Miller and Clara Klein, new Women's Division leadership also presented Sellman a lovely gift on behalf of the Women's Division.

Sellman's acceptance speech acknowledged the skit performed by the above members of the Women's Division as "awesome." Thanking everyone for their participation, she further commented the show was worthy of an Oscar and Grammy award. At this time, Beth also thanked her kind and supportive husband Dr. Michael Sellman.

Beth further acknowledged Shellye Attman as a dear friend, former chief, terrific mentor, cheerleader and adviser. In addition, she thanked ladies in the Women's Division for their support with Israel Bonds, that in essence, helps all mankind in ways of science, medicine and technology. She sincerely thanked all the women that worked beside her commenting, "it really does take a village, and the Women's Division were those women who make up that vital vivacious village, that they volunteered their cherished time for a very important cause." Instead of the tribute to Beth, she would like to have made this day a tribute to everyone who worked with her. Beth further added, Jerusalem may be the heart of Israel, but the women are the heart of the Jewish people, that is why she became involved with Israel Bonds. It was her privilege to help educate, advocate and communicate the importance of Israel Bonds and what it means to Israel and the Jewish people.

In conclusion, Beth extended a very happy wonderful birthday this special day to her grandmother, Goldie Miller, a "super" centenarian youngster age 110. Goldie is one of only 60 "super centenarians" in Maryland.

Our community and this columnist wish Goldie many, many more wonderful milestone birthday celebrations with good health and happiness. L'Chaim!

In addition to above listed tribute revelers, also among the many guests not previously listed Selma Shaivitz, Rosalie Sellman, Ruth Coleman, Jane and Harriet Berg, Natalie Wilder, Barb Fasteau, Leah Goldseker, Linda Hurwitz, Loryn Lesser, Isabel Levinson, Elaine Lowen, Marilyn Pick, Carol Renbaum, Barb Samuelson, Anita Steinberg, Sheila Stern, Sandy Dobres, Wendy Fishbein, Sandy Lever, Linda Roedel, Betty Seidel and many others too numerable to list due to space limitations.

Also want to add behind the scene thank you to Israel Bond staffers Hillary Lewis, Ayelet Weiss, Dianna Simmons and Jennifer DeVillasee.

It takes a village for successful events to be - yes - very successful.

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