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Letter: Poor and divisive behavior from Obama

The Chicago style thuggery of President Barack Hussein Obama's White House has surfaced again.

On page A4 in Thursday's Times, a headline read "Education secretary weighs in against Md. official." The first paragraph stated "U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan and at least one other Education Department official urged New York Mayor ... not to choose Montgomery County Schools Superintendent Joshua Starr ..."as New York city's next school head. The reason? "... Starr's vocal criticism of some of the Obama administration's school reform policies."

There they go again. Obama himself said his policy is to reward his friends and punish his enemies. Why is this not front page news? This is one more example of the federal tentacles reaching into and controlling local matters. New York will be punished should it choose to hire Starr.

Democrats are getting wearisome. As we enter the new year, I've begun to ponder who or what I will be in the coming year. What shame will I have piled upon me by the left side of the political spectrum? First of all, be it known that I am a straight, conservative, old, white guy who attends church fairly regularly. Talk about starting off in a hole.

I'm told that I am a "hater." They say that I hate women. That's news to me and, I believe, most who know me. They say that I hate clean air and water, people with certain sexual proclivities and certain racial groups

They say that I hate Obama because he is not of my race. Wrong again. Half of him is. I don't care for his political philosophies, his lack of a meaningful resume, his divisiveness, his glibness or his personal problem with being truthful. If I don't support Obama, too many on the left say I must be a racist. Well, I don't and I'm not. They prevaricate.

Obama himself has publicly declared most people like me to be the enemy. Other names used by leftists for those unlike them are "arsonists," "anarchists," "saboteur," "homophobe," and "bigot." None of these words are used to endear. They are used to demean and ridicule. They are right out of Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals." Beware those who use them.

I suppose some will say I'm whining. Wrong again. I'm simply pointing out poor and divisive behavior. The time has come to stop silently taking this garbage.

Rick Blatchford

Mount Airy