Times staff offer TV picks

Stoetzer (Carroll County Times)

We asked five of the Carroll County Times' most avid television watchers about the upcoming fall season and their TV viewing habits.
Our panelists are:

  • Pat Stoetzer, prep sports reporter
  • Kelcie Pegher, South Carroll reporter
  • Christian Alexandersen, county government reporter
  • Julia Eckhardt, copy editor
  • Alisha George, education reporter

Here's what they had to say.


What new show are you most looking forward to?
Pat: "Sleepy Hollow" seems like a cool idea. But Icabod Crane always seemed like a wimp to me, and that was back when I had to read it in grade school.
Kelcie: I haven't seen many fall TV previews yet, but I am looking forward to seeing what Andy Samberg does with his new series, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." It's supposed to be a funny cop series, which normally isn't my jam, but you know, Samberg is hilarious.
Christian: I'm very excited about "The Michael J. Fox Show." The man is awesome, and I can't wait to see how a comedy show centered on Parkinson's is executed.
Julia: "The Millers" because I love Will Arnett, and I really can't believe "Up All Night" didn't last longer. Also, "The Michael J. Fox Show" because it's Michael J. Fox, and he loves you.
Alisha: "The Goldbergs" on ABC looks like it could bepretty funny. Since I was born in '88 and don't remember the '80s, I find it pretty fun to laugh at the clothes and pop culture of that decade.

Which show can't you wait to get back on the air?
Pat: It's a battle between "The Walking Dead" and "American Horror Story." At least my October will be spent hiding under a blanket on the couch.
Kelcie: "Nashville" was my favorite show last year. I think ABC knows they have a hit on their hands, and if they do too much to change it (like "Glee"), it'll take a turn for the worst. I absolutely love the drama, the music and the catfights. And I don't even listen to country.
Christian: "The Walking Dead" on AMC. I've become obsessed with how awful the show can be at times as it continues to stray from the amazing graphic novel series it's based on.
Julia: "Grimm" - which if you haven't seen it, is a police procedural fantasy crime drama - is so underrated. Last year, it was on during the Friday night slot, which everyone knows is the sink-or-swim slot, so apparently it's keeping its head above water. Also, "Community." Dan Harmon is back, but Chevy Chase isn't, and thank god. "Bob's Burgers" is the new "Simpsons." Get on the train to Bob's or just get out of here. "Castle," "Modern Family," "The Mindy Project," "New Girl," "Glee" - and yes, I am crying about Cory Monteith - "Once Upon A Time." "Revolution," if they can ever get the story moving. "Parks and Recreation." I don't love TV too much; I love it just as much as it deserves.
Alisha: "American Horror Story." Since it's an anthology series, every season is new and different so I never know what to expect. Another advantage is that it doesn't get boring since the subject matter won't have to last for several seasons.


What is your favorite show to binge watch?
Pat: I can breeze through a "Bar Rescue" marathon faster than it takes host Jon Taffer to raise his booming voice at some dead-beat club owner.
Kelcie: Anything on Netflix Instant. Particularly "House of Cards" or "Orange is the New Black." They're both Netflix-produced shows, and they happen to be the highest-quality TV shows I've seen in years.
Christian: It's a tie between "The West Wing" and "The Wire." I'll start a season, blink and realize I haven't left the couch for 14 hours.
Julia: Any of the Real Housewives. I feel a deep spiritual connection with Nene of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."
Alisha: "Scandal" because it always ends in a cliffhanger.

What TV show is your favorite guilty pleasure?
Pat: I find myself enthralled with "Lizard Lick Towing," mostly for Ron Shirley's euphemisms. My fave: "Slower than a herd of turtles marchin' through peanut butter."
Kelcie: My eternal guilty pleasure is anything involving "House Hunters." I can watch "House Hunters International" for hours, much to my roommate's chagrin. Also "Say Yes to the Dress" and "My Fair Wedding with David Tutera," both of which I am pretty ashamed I'm putting in print right now.
Christian: "Robot Chicken." It's a 15-minute stop-motion show with action figures that harpoon everything from politics to pop culture.
Julia: I don't feel guilt over television. It's not as if I watch television but I'm supposed to be at the ballet instead. But I will say I've gotten the most heat over "Pretty Little Liars." I could care less - it's delicious, perfectly overly-styled, eerie and the plot hasn't moved an inch for years. That takes dedication.
Alisha: "Big Brother" all the way. It's so fascinating to see how people interact when they're stuck with strangers 24-7. What's even more fascinating is seeing how people act toward each other when technology is out of the picture. I wonder who will win this season?

What channel do you watch most often?
Pat: One would think I'd be glued to ESPN or MLB Network, but it's usually the Travel or History channels. I like to learn about the Civil War and find out which beaches have the best bikinis.
Kelcie: If I'm not watching Netflix, I tend to lean toward ABC. Their Wednesday night line up, with the exception of "The Neighbors," is one of my must-sees. Also I've been watching "Grey's Anatomy" for the better part of the last decade, and I just can't let it go.
Christian: HBO, by far. Their series are the best on TV, and their documentaries are always interesting no matter the topics.
Julia: I don't watch television via an actual television. I watch shows on Netflix, Hulu Plus or HBO GO.
Alisha: That's a difficult question since I watch way too much TV, but it would probably be FX. In addition to "American Horror Story," I love "Sons of Anarchy" and "The Americans."

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