During the course of the last 10 days on the Road to WrestleMania, I'll be taking a look at each match on the card individually in order to fully explain the background of the storyline, a breakdown on why each Superstar could and should win, and the bottom line -- my prediction on the result of the match and the immediate aftermath, plus any other random thoughts. On the Monday before the final Raw before WrestleMania, we'll change up the format a little so we can examine what will become of The Miz at this year's show.


One year ago, at WrestleMania 27, The Miz was the WWE Champion and become just the second heel to successfully defend the championship in the main event of the show. (The first was Triple H in 2000.) He did so against John Cena, who is obviously the face of the WWE, with an assist from the Rock, which helped set-up this year's main event. Miz dropped the title to Cena the next month at Extreme Rules. He's been in a few main events since (notably Survivor Series, when he teamed with R-Truth against Cena and the Rock) but has mainly been relegated to the mid-card. He's yet to win a match in 2012, and his campaign to be a part of WrestleMania has fallen short going into tonight's Raw. It's suspected Miz will end up part of the Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy match, but there is also the possibility he's "officially" left off the card.



Why Miz should be on Team Johnny: Rumors started swirling over the weekend that Miz will officially be added to Team Johnny in the battle of general managers. Logically, that makes the most sense as a way to get him on the card. But it also might be the most boring. WWE did something similar with Drew McIntyre a few years ago with Money in the Bank. He kept losing qualifying matches, and getting another chance, until eventually he got in. Then he was a non-factor. My worry with Miz is, like McIntyre, he'll ultimately get his spot, but nothing will come of it. Besides, I've always thought Alberto Del Rio would be the final member of Team Johnny, and I think that still makes the most sense.

Why the Miz should be on Team Teddy: One wrinkle that no one has really discussed is what if the Miz was part of the general manager tag match, but as a member of Team Teddy? The announcers on Smackdown pointed out that Team Johnny is loaded with former World Champions. They could add another if Del Rio is made part of the team. What about Team Teddy? It's a bunch of mid-card babyfaces. Great Khali is a former champion, so they've got that going for them at least. But who is left for Teddy Long to add? One rumor is Mick Foley. Another, if he's healthy enough, is Rey Mysterio. Mid-card faces like Ezekiel Jackson don't really deserve a spot on the card. Evan Bourne's return from suspension was curtailed by a broken foot.

But the Miz? Making him the lone heel on the side of Team Teddy would be incredibly intriguing. Would he turn and cost Team Teddy the match? Would he help them win and turn face?

WWE did a similar angle with Miz leading up to SummerSlam 2010, where John Cena refused to make him a member of his team versus the Nexus. Instead, Daniel Bryan became the final member, which gave him a huge boost upon his return (you see where he's at now), a feud with Miz and really kickstarted Miz's run to the main event and feud with Cena.

Why the Miz should be left off the official card: Past WrestleMania's have been filled with surprises and segments that weren't part of the official card. For example, I distinctively remember Hulk Hogan showing up to save Eugene from Muhammed Assad at WrestleMania 21, and later that same show, Stone Cold Steve Austin starring on Piper's Pit with Carlito. Those were awesome moments that weren't advertised.

No matter what anyone says, the Miz is still WWE's top heel right now. He's a go-to guy that people love to hate, yet he's still entertaining. He has some credibility as a former world champion, and he does a ton of PR work for WWE because he's a company guy. That's why he was in the main event at Survivor Series. But as a heel, he's not going to add a lot more buys to the PPV. Trust me, if you're not already planning to buy WrestleMania, giving the Miz a throwaway match isn't going to change your mind.

That doesn't mean he can't do something else entertaining to bridge the gap between some of the huge matches on the show. Considering his history with Cena and the Rock dating to last year's WrestleMania, it would make sense for him to stage some sort of sit-in right before the main event, where he says he's high-jacking the show. Obviously, Cena or Rock could take him out, but with elaborate entrances expected for them, it would make more sense for another Superstar to do this. It could be someone like Brodus Clay, or maybe Hall of Famer Edge (could he do one more Spear without risking injury?) or possibly Stone Cold Steve Austin.

I could also envision after the dust settles on Rock and Cena, that Miz hits the ring to "make a statement" and receives an Attitude Adjustment/People's Elbow for his troubles. At the very least, expect some backstage segments with Miz throughout the show leading to an appearance later.

Bottom line

While I think making Miz part of Team Teddy would be the most intriguing. I'm betting Raw ends tonight without the Miz officially on the card. He'll cut a promo early in the show about how by the end of the night, everyone is going to be talking about the Miz, not Cena-Rock or Hell in a Cell. Likely, he ends up doing a run-in at the end of Cena-Rock. I see the match ending with a clean victor, and the Miz interrupting their celebration. The loser of the match, after watching for a second, decides to be the bigger man and makes the save. It leads to a handshake between the two icons and a WrestleMania moment.