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E-waste? What's that?

Sadly, the vast majority of Americans still don't know what e-waste is. E-waste is all end-of-life electronics and is classified as a hazardous waste by the Environmental Protection Agency. It includes all hand-held devices, computers, printers, fax machines and the bane of the waste stream: CRTs and televisions. In 2009, 2.59 million tons of e-waste went to the landfills, and only 600,000 tons were recovered for recycling, according to EPA. The years since haven't been better, and although the statistics aren't out for 2010 or 2011, the EPA projects the amount of e-waste being recycled is less than that sneaking into landfills. While many computer manufacturers have jumped in and aided in rectifying this problem, including Dell and Microsoft working with Goodwill in the Dell Reconnect program, other computer giants such as Lenovo are doing very little to help. With that in mind, e-waste recycling companies are jumping up all over the country to fill the gap. Nationally, Goodwill industries will accept electronics for recycling, and Staples will collect monitors. Locally, there is one drop-off location working with a new e-waste recycling company. Countryside Community Recycling, which specializes in Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal Scrap (magnetic and non-magnetic), has opened its doors for collection of recyclable electronic waste, and it accepts different kinds of electronics. (Basically if it plugs into a wall or needs batteries, it is accepted there and even paid for at times!). The number is 301-829-2329. Please call for a complete list of accepted materials or to get current scrap pricing. CC eCycling will also pick up electronics and serves Frederick, Carroll and all surrounding counties. All pickups in Frederick and Carroll counties are free. Please contact us at 301-956-9352 or by email at

Come out and drop off all your unwanted, broken, and obsolete electronics on November 24th, 2012 from 9am-5pm and celebrate "America Recycles Day" with CC eCycling while helping to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project! They paid it us pay some of it back!