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'White House Down' thrills

If you only see just one movie this year about terrorists taking over the White House, this is your ticket.
We go through the same mercenary assault on the White House as "Olympus has Fallen," but "White House Down," directed by Roland Emmerich, is the better film.
It has comic relief and lots of action filled with special effects.
Channing Tatum plays Cale, a war vet/D.C. cop who can't convince Finnerty, played by Maggie Gyllenhaal, to let him in the secret service.
Cale has to contend himself with guarding the Speaker of the House played by Richard Jenkins.
Various security agencies let bad guys crash the white house.
We watch as Cale, the guy not good enough to get into the secret service, come to the rescue: of his daughter, the president and the rest of the world.
Nicolas Wright plays a scene-stealing white house tour guide who sometimes interrupts the mayhem to share a bit of White House lore or lecture the bad guys on the priceless artifacts they're destroying.
This is a popcorn movie that will keep you right there in the action, with bullets flying and things going awry.
We have a great hero, a comical president played by Jamie Foxx and an exciting villain.
This is a great summer movie.