Letter: Get back to a more sane government

What does it mean to be conservative in Carroll County?

I've noticed that any Republican who wants to get elected here seems to feel it necessary to self-identify as a conservative. Some think it's a virtue to be ultra-conservative.

But what does that mean?

On the national level, apparently it means you are opposed to abortion and gay marriage. You don't believe in man-made climate change. You are opposed to gun control. You support trickle-down economics and you are in favor of smaller government.

On the local level, we don't talk much about abortion or gay marriage because local politicians have no control over those issues. Nor do they have any control over climate change or gun rights, but that doesn't stop them from grandstanding on these issues by holding conferences and passing useless ordinances.

If you want to prove you are a true conservative in Carroll, it seems you must frequently promise to lower taxes, support property rights (without being clear exactly what that means), and claim to uphold our constitutional rights (which you understand better than scholars and judges who have studied the Constitution for hundreds of years).

If you are the truest of true conservatives, you don't have to obey a law if you believe it violates your God-given constitutional rights.

If you're a true conservative, you are suspicious of public education and prefer to promote home-schooling and private school education.

If you're a true conservative here in Carroll, you advocate less government while having your own finger in every governmental pie.

If you're a true conservative, you must only please your base of loyal tea party supporters and need not consider moderates or (heaven forbid) liberals of either party, because they are idiots and are ruining our country. Government of the people, by the people, and for the people? Sure, but only the people who agree with you.

Please, Carroll County, can we elect people who are not uber-conservative so we can get back to having a sane and workable government that represents all of us and not just a select few?

If you are a reasonable conservative, a moderate or even (gasp) a liberal in this county, please show up at the polls on June 24 and vote for a government that will serve all of us. Let's not surrender our county to tea party conservatives in this election.

Judy Hake

Union Bridge

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