Baltimore County police in the Franklin precinct recently recorded the following reported incidents, among others, in the Owings Mills and greater Reisterstown communities. Anyone with information regarding these incidents may call the Franklin precinct at 410-887-6975.

Room Robbed
Police said three people came through a broken window in a home in the unit block of Hiawatha Court in Owings Mills Aug. 27.
They stole a television, change and a Sony PSP. They were seen by maintenance walking away with the television.


Cash Taken
Aug. 27, someone entered an apartment in the 200 block of Midpines Court in Owings Mills.
They stole $1,000 in cash.

Vehicle Stolen
Police said someone stole a white Ford van in the 200 block of Caraway Road, Aug. 25.


Aug. 26, police said while someone was walking to a friend's house in the 400 block of Chartley Park Road in Reisterstown, they were approached by a person who threatened them.
The person rummaged through their pockets, but they had noting to take.

Vehicle Theft
Someone started their car and left it unlocked and running in the unit block of Brookebury Drive in Reisterstown Sept. 1, police said.
When they returned five minutes later, the vehicle was missing.

Sept. 1, someone lit a fire to the basement door behind Rite Aid in the 11900 block of Reisterstown Road, police said.
The door caught fire, but it was put out before any further damage occurred.

Jewelry Stolen
Police said someone entered a bedroom window in the unit block of Sierra Circle in Owings Mills Aug. 29.
They stole cash and jewelry from the location.


Home Entered
Someone returned home to find two people had broken into his apartment Aug. 30, police said.
They had charged their cell phones and stolen his electricity.

Four Wheeler Stolen
Aug. 29, police said three men dressed in a black four door truck with a flat bed trailer cut a fence in the unit block of Cedermere Drive in Owings Mills with bolt cutters.
They cut the lock to the shed and stole a Suzuki four wheeler.

Shed Entered
Police said between Aug. 24-29, someone cut a section of fence in the 400 block of Academy Ave. in Owings Mills.
They cut the lock to a shed, but did not take anything.

Bicycles Taken
Someone entered the unit block of Cherry Hill Court between Aug. 24-25, police said.
They stole two bicycles. The bicycles were later located, along with another person's stolen bicycle at Reisterstown Shopping Center. Two people approached the bicycles, and when confronted, ran towards Hannah More Park.

Person looking in window
Aug. 28, police said someone was knocking on a bedroom window in the unit block of Olive Lane in Owings Mills.
Officers checked the area and found a man matching the description lying in the grass with a concealed knife in his pants pocket.