Our recent Maryland March For Life and Rally in Annapolis reinforced two of our life-supportive goals: the need to pass the "Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act", and continuing to encourage child adoption.

Senate Bill 34 and House Bill 283 would ban abortion after five months of gestation, when an unborn child can feel pain. These bills ensure alignment of current law with current science and would end Maryland's abortion on demand until birth policy - seen even by some self-identified so-called pro-choice people as far too extreme. As of March 26, with about two weeks left in this legislative session, Del. Peter Hammen, Chairman of the House Health and Government Operations Committee, and Sen. Mac Middleton, Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, have not brought these bills up for committee votes.


Del. Susan Krebs, R-District 9B, rightly asked those opposed to these bills if there was anything in the bills that they could support. They replied no thanks.

Maryland, rapidly becoming the late term abortion capital in the U.S., is home to at least seven abortion facilities having advertised a willingness to perform abortions this late into pregnancy. Citizen outcry is urgently needed to press these chairmen to act on these bills.

We Americans protect vulnerable children and adults. We provide palliative care to those in pain. Many adamantly oppose non-lethal enhanced interrogation of enemy combatants. Others protect animals from abuse. Should not mercy be extended to unborn children who can feel pain while dying at the hands of physicians who violate their Hippocratic Oath to "do no harm?"

Secondly, our rally's keynote speaker, Ryan Bomberger, conceived in rape and raised by adoptive parents heading a multi-cultural, multi-race family of over a dozen adopted children, proclaimed adoption as a social justice tool wherein adoptive parents defy the world's logic by selflessly unleashing purpose in other's lives.

Culturally, we have lost the value of self-sacrifice. We've been taught to sacrifice others for our selfish gain. Ryan is the 1 percent that abortion proponents use to excuse and justify the killing of the other 99 percent of unborn.

We hold the following declarations to be false: that to be whole, we must reject another human being via abortion; an unplanned pregnancy is a burden; and unplanned means unloved. Every precious unborn child is wanted by someone. Adoption is a loving, selfless option.

Vince Perticone


The writer is co-chair for Pro Life Carroll County.