During the off season leading up to this year's NFL Draft the World Champion Baltimore Ravens have been very busy. Under the current salary cap restrictions, the Ravens were forced to part ways with a number of key contributors from last season's Super Bowl team. Couple that with several additional retirements, including Ray Lewis, and you're left with a team that will look much different for the 2014 season.

So how did most Ravens fans react to this change? They panicked. Haven't we all learned by now how strong the organization's front office is? Under the leadership of Steve Biscotti and Ozzie Newsome, this is the most proficient management team in the NFL. Sixty days removed from a world championship and fans still doubt their ability to make prudent decisions.

As business owners, we can all learn from the way this team operates. As I've written about previously, there are five secret weapon steps necessary to attaining unlimited success. Miss any one and failure is all but certain. The steps include:

1. Have a definite chief aim.

2. List all the action steps necessary to achieving your definite chief aim.

3. Take action and never be indecisive. Remember, you must experience failures in order to succeed.

4. Have an unwavering desire that you will achieve your definite chief aim.

5. Possess an unrelenting faith and belief that you will succeed at all costs.

First, the Ravens had a definite chief aim or purpose. The purpose was to get younger, faster and overhaul the roster to try and repeat this coming season. They saw that none of the past five Super Bowl champions, all who kept their roster intact, won a playoff game. They were completely prepared and formulated a plan to get better immediately.

Second, they listed all the necessary action steps necessary to achieve their definite chief aim.

Third, they immediately took action, as illustrated by their recent signing of two key free agents that should contribute to the team's future success immediately. With the second most draft picks in this year's NFL draft, the Ravens are setting themselves up nicely for a very productive off season.

Fourth, their desire for excellence is illustrated year in and year out. The past five years yielded five playoff appearances, three trips to the AFC Championship and a Super Bowl victory.

Fifth, the team's management at no time ever wavers in their belief they will consistently perform at the highest level. Self-doubt is never an option.

In Ozzie we trust.