Daniel Bongino
(By Carrie Ann Knauer Times Staff Writer, Carroll County Times)


Daniel John Bongino


Social Networking:

Facebook:; Twitter: @dbongino

Date of Birth:

Dec. 4, 1974

Marital Status:

Married to Paula Bongino


Isabel 8, Amelia, newborn

Candidate For:

U.S. Senate

Political Affiliation:



Former United States Secret Service Special Agent, Presidential Protective Detail and small business owner


Years Experience:

17 years combined law enforcement United States Secret Service and the N.Y.P.D.

Current employment:

Full time candidate.


BA, MA, Psychology (Neuro psychology and behavioral learning), City University of New York; MA, Business Administration, Pennsylvania State University

Community groups involved in:

Member St. John the Evangelist Church

Past political experience:

Political outsider

What are the three main issues you wish to address during your campaign and how do you plan to address them?

1. Quality job production is essential for America's future. Real tax reform, domestic energy production, common sense regulatory reform, lower corporate and capital gains tax rates will be my legislative focus. Government needs to stop impeding the American entrepreneurial spirit and encourage, rather than punish, success and hard work.

2. Government isn't lacking tax receipts, it's lacking the discipline necessary to eliminate wasteful spending and balance our budget. Career bureaucrats, bound to the earmarks that curry the favor of donors, are compounding this problem. We must elect new voices who are willing to make the tough decisions necessary for change.

3. Real education reform that fixes dysfunctional schools and programs, cuts waste, and provides parents with choices. No child that could otherwise be successful should be bound to a failing school and thus be prevented from living a full and productive life. America's students must be prepared for America's future jobs.