Coupon Corner: Fans of Keurig machines share tips

After writing about Keurig machines recently, I received lots of emails from avid fans of both Vue and K-cup models.

Sharon Brady, of Westminster, wrote that her husband found a Solofill V2 adaptor on Amazon for about $20 that converts K-cups so they can be used in Vue machines.

She also uses her Keurig for instant oatmeal and soup, and uses only hot water from the machine, placing a tea bag in her cup.

Robert Moore, of Eldersburg, is a super Keurig fan. He has one machine for coffee, one for tea and a small one for travel.

He recommends registering your machine immediately, because Keurig will send some BOGO coupons for beverages, and if you join its coffee club, you'll not only receive a 15 percent discount, but you'll also receive free shipping on orders over $45 as well as periodic bonus coupons and discounts.

Bob also said to watch Bed Bath & Beyond's discount shelf for Keurig returns. They're usually 50 percent off and you can use a BB&B coupon for an additional 20 percent off.


Last week, ShopKick had a 100-point walk-in bonus at Walmart, but there were major problems.

The 100 Kicks were only good for one day, and only at select stores.

While Walmart stores in Eldersburg, Owings Mills, Hampstead and Hanover, Pa., participated, it was surprising that the Westminster store did not.

Since I had to go to Hampstead, I walked into the Walmart store there, but nothing happened. No bubble, no screen change and no Kicks.

I reported it immediately and an orange bubble appeared saying to try again, so I did - two more times, with the same results.

The next day, there was a 50-Kick walk-in at the same stores, so I tried the Hanover Walmart. The same thing happened - nothing.

Another day there was a 45-Kick walk-in, but I didn't even try it.

As well as reporting the problem several times on the app, I emailed ShopKick about the problem, but so far have not received a reply. However, I noticed that "no people" had walked into any of the Walmart stores, according to the boxes on the ShopKick app, which means that people walked in but no one got Kicks.

An announcement also flashed on the app screen saying that there was a one-day walk-in Kick bonus at Office Depot, but I couldn't find which stores were participating.

I love getting walk-in Kicks, but some work definitely has to be done when adding new stores to the app.


Vitamin Shoppe

If you have gum problems, a recent health magazine ad suggested using chewable probiotics.

Vitamin Shoppe has chewable acidophilus and bifidium from American Health. It's milk-free, contains one billion organisms, has a natural blueberry flavor and does not require refrigeration, as most probiotics do.

The serving size is one dime-size wafer per day for adults and children four and older. However, the store manager advised not to take more than one wafer per day or you might "set up a yeast-like situation in your mouth."

A 100-wafer bottle retails for $9.95.

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