Dean Minnich: Words to think over, before or after

On the heels of still another shooting by a nut with military-style weapons in a crowded airport, I recall the National Rifle Association's Wayne LaPierre saying, "The only thing that will stop a bad man with a gun is a good guy with a gun."
Problem is, the slogan ignores the fact that the bad guys always get off the first dozen or so shots.
It's OK to say what's on your mind as long as you think about what you're saying. Bumper-sticker slogans, those that resonate with the shallow minded, don't help the good guys, or the innocent bystanders who count on rules to live by to make it through the day, whether standing in line on your way to a family vacation, or on the road with your kids in the car amidst felonious fellow travelers who think safe driving is for wimps.
So, just to exercise the mind a little beyond the drivel of prime-time TV, let's make up some sayings to see if we can do better than the spokesman for the NRA or most of those in Congress.
Make up your own, or consider some of these, and have fun, for goodness' sake:
The best education results in helping you recognize what you don't know. Yet.
You can't be insulted by a person whose ignorance of you is apparent, if only to you.
You can't win an argument with an engineer.
To be a successful politician or a public relations adviser, you have to be able to answer a stupid question with a less stupid response.
Simple fixes almost always fail, unless they are made with duct tape.
A strong opinion is only as good as the weakest fact on which it is predicated.
Americans are better at making up their minds than they are at opening them.
True friends will talk about politics even when they disagree. False friends will talk about your politics behind your back.
A person shows their integrity if they can tell you your zipper is down, but refrain from telling others about it.
I used to think that being grown up meant no one would tell you what you can or cannot do. Then I began going to my doctor.
If you're lucky, your doctor is attentive and competent. If you're really lucky, he's also more overweight than you are.
There are good bureaucrats and bad. If you treat the bad ones like they're good, they get better. If you treat the good ones like they're bad, you never get to the front of the line before lunch.
I enjoy a good pipe, fine scotch and fine company; if I must, I will share it all with another person.
Overheard at a local restaurant: "I know how to fix the Affordable Health Care signup problems. Turn the job over to the NSA."
Never put your reading glasses on your car seat.
Marriage vows are dishonest. It would be better if each person just said, "I take you as you are, and I expect you to do the same for me."
Social activists who preach tolerance have more credibility if they're married, have children, extended family and never divorced.
Don't listen to people who have never checked the oil in their car when they want to tell others why government does not work.
Pay no mind to people who can't keep their checkbook balanced but want to advise the Fed on economic policy.
Among the nicest things you can say to another person is "Thank you for your humanity, humility, goodness, innocence and what you share with the world."
If someone is fond of telling you that they are a good Christian, they probably aren't.