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Letter: March against abortion planned

Carroll defenders of human life from conception to natural death will participate in the 41st Annual D.C. March For Life, starting with a noon rally on the National Mall, Wednesday, Jan. 22, the anniversary of the Supreme Court 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision decriminalizing abortion that has resulted in the deaths of 55 million innocent, defenseless, unborn humans.

We, their voices, are pressing for justice for them and women hurt by abortion. Marching to the Supreme Court, we show commitment to the value and worth of every human life. No person is disposable.

But the death culture deems there are lives with less value than others and are expendable and unworthy of protection. Devaluation of humans has led to the slaughter and enslavement of millions, based on creed, race, disability, degree of development, agedness and mental infirmity. Reason alone recognizes the unchallengeable value of each human life. Life is the most basic God-given human right, without which no other rights matter. We pray that all public officials will discern and adhere to our Creator's will concerning the sanctity of human life.

Our goals include passage of the Senate's "Life at Conception Act," declaring unborn children are persons legally entitled to protections under the 14th Amendment, thus resolving the Supreme Court's unresolved "difficult question of when life begins." A personhood act would collapse Roe, according to the majority opinion.

We also support passage of the Senate's "Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act," banning abortions after the fifth month of pregnancy, when pre-born babies are known to feel pain and defunding Planned Parenthood that commits the majority of abortions. Yearly, Planned Parenthood receives about one half billion taxpayer dollars.

We also want to halt President Barack Obama's and the United Nations' support of global promotion of abortion, and halt the Obama administration's assault against citizens' God-given rights of religious liberty and freedom of conscience. An Obamcare law forces religious citizens to pay for abortion, sterilization and birth control despite their religious convictions. And, in spite of a loophole exempting religious organizations from the law's dictates, signing Obama's HHS exemption form actually instructs others to handle the objectionable services for the signer, keeping signers complicit in what they regard as sin. Catholic and other faith leaders say they cannot and will not comply. Religious freedom embedded in American law has thus far rendered 53 of 60 court rulings against Obamacare.

Vince Perticone


The writer is Co-Chair, Pro Life Carroll County.