Letter: Rothschild kept his promises

In response to Susan McNulty's May 23 letter, apparently she believes officials who actually step up and defend conservative principles, such as the constitution, gun and property rights and limited government are an embarrassment.

Get over it I say. This is why we live in the United States. Feel free to give up your own rights, but leave mine alone.

The fact is, Commissioner Richard Rothschild is one of the most sought-after speakers and respected county commissioners in America among conservative Republicans. Why? Because rather than accepting defeat at the hands of a superior liberal majority, Rothschild had the conviction and knowledge to actually fight back, with more "firsts" that any official in Maryland.

He was the first official in Maryland to draft and pass a nullification resolution that restricted the use of county resources to enforce components of Gov. Martin O'Malley's new gun laws. This resolution sent a strong message to Annapolis that rural counties would begin fighting back.

He was the first official in Maryland to train rural conservative counties on a process known as coordination, a process that can reduce the cost of compliance with unwieldy environmental mandates such as the rain tax.

Rothschild was the only elected official in Maryland to receive a unanimous commendation at the 2012 MD Republican Convention for his work in defense of private property rights.

He was the first elected official in Maryland to introduce an education choice program because he believes parents, not a zip-code, should determine where their children go to school. Aren't we supposed to support all Carroll County children?

He insisted on truth in education budgeting. Rothschild exposed the fact that Carroll County education funding, as a percentage of county wealth, ranks us fourth highest out of 24 jurisdictions in Maryland. He also exposed misleading emails released by the BOE. School funding was not slashed during the past 6 years as suggested in the letter. Instead, it increased $22 million since 2008, while enrollments declined by 1,700 students.

Carroll Citizens can do their own research. Google "Commissioner Richard Rothschild." What you learn will impress you, because many consider him to be a national hero. The next time you see Rothschild, you may want to tell him thanks for keeping his promises.

Barbara Faid