Stopping surprises: Super Bowl ads published posted long before big game on YouTube

Stopping surprises: Super Bowl ads published posted long before big game on YouTube
This undated screenshot provided by Mercedes Benz shows the Super Bowl advertisement for the company. The majority of the 30-plus Super Bowl advertisers have been releasing their ads in the days leading up to the game, advertising fans already can catch a glimpse of "Spider-Man" actor Willem Dafoe in a Mercedes-Benz ad. (Uncredited, Carroll County Times)

Many of the Super Bowl commercial surprises are gone.

This year, Super Bowl viewers do not have to wait until tonight to see many of the commercials airing during the NFL championship game.

YouTube gave many of those secrets away.

Advertisers who paid $4 million for a 30-second spot in this year's Super Bowl posted teasers of their Super Bowl commercials online.

Former "Saturday Night Live" cast member Amy Poehler will appear in a Best Buy ad. A Volkswagen commercial has a Jamaican flavor. Supermodel Kate Upton will make a provocative appearance in a Mercedes Benz ad.

Here's a look at some of the commercials that have already been posted:


Concept: A high school student goes solo to his high school prom. After being given the keys to his father's sedan, the young teenage male gains enough confidence to kiss the prom queen, much to the dismay of the prom king.

YouTube views: More than 3 million


Beck's Sapphire

Concept: Get ready for singing fish performing "No Diggity," a nearly two-decades-old hit from long forgotten group Blackstreet.

YouTube views: Nearly 10,000

Best Buy

Commercial concept: Only a teaser is available online, but it appears the Best Buy ad will feature actress Amy Poehler asking multiple humorous questions to Best Buy staff.

YouTube views: Nearly 100,000


Commercial concept: A trainer raises a Clydesdale horse from colt to adulthood. When the horse departs his farm, he misses it. Trainer and horse are reunited in a parade in Chicago.

YouTube views: It was published Thursday night and quickly received thousands of views.

Calvin Klein

Concept: This ad for underwear will feature ripped male models wearing nothing but tight briefs. A preview of the commercial is available via YouTube.

YouTube views: Nearly 10,000


Concept: Las Vegas Show Girls and and a group of cowboys are among those racing to a giant Coke can in the middle of the desert. Viewers could vote online for their favorite finish.

YouTube views: More than 1 million


Concept: Once again, Doritos encouraged user submissions for its Crash the Super Bowl contest. Voters could pick their favorites via Facebook. One of the finalists involves a toddler fighting over a tiny dog for a snack.

YouTube views: More than 1 million for the baby finalist alone


Concept: A scorpion with bad intentions crawls up a model's body and removes her bikini top. This is a not-so-subtle way of pointing out that Fiats now come topless as well.

YouTube views: More than 80,000


Concept: An extended version of the commercial features The Flaming Lips providing a musical backdrop that showcases the many places a Hyundai Santa Fe can take a family.

YouTube views: More than 30,000

Kia Motors

Concept: When a child asks his parents where a baby comes from, the father comes out with an outrageous, elaborate lie. The child is immediately suspicious.

YouTube views: More than 700,000

Mercedes Benz

Commercial concept: Two Mercedes videos have popped up on YouTube, both featuring Kate Upton. In one, she is shown scantily clad washing a sedan. In another, she is shown with a young male who is contemplating selling his soul for a life of luxury.

YouTube views: More than 6 million


Concept: Current World Wrestling Entertainment champion and movie star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson stars in this ad. In a world full of evil, The Rock politely refuses to save anyone until he's had his morning glass of milk.

YouTube views: More than 150,000 views and the commercial appeared on "CBS This Morning" last week.

MiO Fit

Concept: Former "Saturday Night Live" cast member Tracy Morgan is going to appear in the ad. A teaser for the commercial appears to question whether Morgan will be allowed to curse on television.

YouTube views: More than 125,000


Concept: Can a man wearing Sketchers running shoes outrun a Cheetah? A YouTube video teaser asks the question. It will be answered in the Sketchers Super Bowl ad.

YouTube views: More than 275,000

Taco Bell

Concept: Retirement home residents break out for a night of shenanigans, which includes a late-night visit to Taco Bell. A Spanish cover of "We Are Young" by the band "Fun." is featured.

YouTube views: More than 250,000



Commercial concept: Actress Kaley Cuoco is a genie in this ad, granting the wishes of a family of four. She doesn't quite comprehend the father's request for infinite wishes.

YouTube views: More than 6 million


Commercial concept: Despite working in a dreary office, an upbeat Volkswagen owner, who talks in a Jamaican accent, encourages some of his co-workers to go for a ride in his red Beetle to take their mind off things. When they return, they have the same Jamaican accent.

YouTube views: More than 3.2 million